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Welcome to the Planetary Awakening

I’m here to help support the emergence of the new earth. How do we transform conditions on this planet so we can experience the beauty and wonder of being? Fully present. Fully alive. This website is about bringing people together, resources, informations and tools required to inspire us on this journey of awakening.

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Kiara Windrider on the galactic superwave, supramental descent, planetary transformation, 2012, Mayan calendar, and Ilahinoor, filmed in front of the Great Pyramid, Egypt, by film-maker Ahmet Yazman.


Qi, Kundalini, and Planetary Healing with Kiara Windrider

Similar to the human's subtle body systems, so does Gaia have her own subtle body systems, of which the physical earth is the outermost shell. Just as we experience spiritual awakening through the activation of cosmic chi, or kundalini, within our own subtle bodies, so there is an evolutionary process going on for Gaia. Kiara Windrider explains this in terms of unifying the 5 body system within the yogic tradition or opening doorways between the three worlds of shamanic cosmovision. As we activate universal electrical flows and earth magnetic flows within our own body, we are enabled to open our awareness to Gaia, Cosmos and Self. The descent of incoming cosmic rays is also preparing us for an initiatory passage which includes extinction events as well as new creation, a process in which we can serve as active co-creators. source:

Interview with Kiara Windrider in Egypt 2018


Swimming with dolphins is the wonderful experience to get in contact with this beautiful, intelligent and sentient beings. The union with the dolphins high frequency consciousness enhance the human consciousness and offer extrasensory perception. This benefits the communication with the divine self and with others dimensions of live – a wonderful support in the process of planetary awakening ….

We live in a time of extraordinary change

Despite the environmental degradation, social chaos, religious bigotry, economic meltdowns, and politics of greed that have been plaguing this beautiful planet in recent memory, we are preparing for the greatest evolutionary leap in human history. Mystics and scientists from all over the world in different periods of time have spoken about these times of transition, providing clues as to what we can expect and how we can prepare.

Ancient calendar systems refer to the end of linear time. Scientists speak of a galactic superwave moving towards Earth which will change the base harmonic frequencies of all life in the solar system.

Sri Aurobindo refers to a newly emerging species of humanity. Many people have had visions and experiences of expanded realities and dimensions which will soon manifest in the physical body of Earth, perhaps as early as the year 2012 AD.

It is time for awakening now

Whether we call it the Golden Age, Supramental Manifestation, Heaven on Earth, Shift of the Ages, or the Fifth World, we are likely to experience a birthing process as never before seen. There are those who have come into this incarnation with a specific mission to help bring this about.

If you feel a response within your soul, you are likely to be one of these.

These are the times we are born for. My hope is that the information and perspectives offered here can serve us in this transition to the New Earth.

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