on 13 Nov 2016 12:00 AM
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It doesn’t take a political genius to figure out what’s been going on with the US election drama in the past months, not unless the mainstream media is one’s only source of news, which for many has unfortunately become the propaganda machine for a deeply disturbing war on sanity being fought around the world today

Whatever you may personally think about Donald Trump, he won the electoral vote on November 8, 2016. After the recount fiasco initiated by Jill Stein in three states, and the blatant election fraud that it exposed on the part of the DNC, some have conjectured that he also won the popular vote.

There is currently an attempt underway to overturn Trump’s victory by declaring him “unfit for office”, twisting the arm of the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton instead. The reasons for this keep changing so fast it would put any chameleon to shame, with the most recent being the allegation that it was Russian hacks that intervened to provide Trump his election victory.

So what is really going on?

I have learned to my dismay that I cannot trust anything I hear on the mainstream media anymore, and that I always need to look beneath the surface if I wish to understand what is really going on in global governance.

Underneath all the distractions and deceptions of the media propaganda machine, there are two things that stand out for me. One is that none of this has to do with individual candidates, whether democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, but rather originates from the ‘deep state’, by whatever name we choose to call this, which has been trying to run the show for several decades now, with an agenda for outright global domination and control.

As exposed by John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hitman, there has been a shadow government operating behind the scenes, sometimes referred to as the ‘oligarchy’, ‘cabal’ or the ‘new world order’, which has been in the business of toppling nations and economies for a long time now, whether in Central or South America, Southeast Asia, Africa or the Middle East, and recently extending into Europe and the US as well. This is usually initiated through bribery and debt creation through ‘economic hitmen’ and ‘jackals’, operating through multi-national corporations supported by agencies such as the CIA. If these efforts failed the next step was to either plot an assassination or stage a military invasion and takeover with the intention of installing a puppet regime more in alignment with US corporate interests.

The US has invaded 70 countries since its inception. It is involved in armed conflicts within 134 countries right now. 37 countries around the world have experienced direct military intervention or CIA-initiated coups since World War 2, with an estimated 20 or 30 million people killed as a result. When Americans naively question why it is that so many around the world ‘hate America’, is it possible these are some of the reasons why?

The events of 9-11 became a ‘new Pearl Harbour’, justification for a series of dominos falling in the Middle East. General Wesley Clark, Sr, revealed how the US had targeted the destruction of 7 countries in 5 years, using the ‘terrorist’ attacks on the world trade center as a pretext.

The list includes Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan, ending with Iran.  Most of the countries on this list have already been devastated, with additional attacks in Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen and Pakistan under Obama. But unfortunately for the NWO agenda, Syria has become a stumbling stone in the plan for global control, with Russia, China and Iran stepping in to say ‘enough’.

Which brings me to the second point of this essay. With the advent of the internet and wikileaks, and with an increasing number of courageous whistleblowers daring to speak out, people around the world are beginning to wake up to what’s going on. This includes people in the United States, who are being affected economically, and reacting to ever-greater restrictions on personal freedom. As more and more people become aware of these draconian agendas, the ‘deep state’ is feeling increasingly threatened. Its power lies in secrecy and the ability to manipulate people through ignorance and fear. But as people begin to see through this, educate themselves, and say ‘enough’, it has brought the ‘deep state’ to the verge of collapse. 

How does Donald Trump fit into all this? Unlike recent American presidents, and presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton, it seems that he does not serve the interests of the New World Order. He is a wild card, an outsider to the system, not privy to the secret manipulations and control dramas served up by the CIA and shadow government.

I watched a talk by Donald Trump some time ago where he is directly confronting the New World Order. I was stunned.  This wasn’t the Donald I was being conditioned to ridicule and hate. As I began to pursue this further I was astounded to discover a man who was truly articulate and dedicated to ‘draining the swamp’, not just corruption in Washington but including the shameful history of invasions, political meddling, and regime changes around the world.

All this made him a threat to the old order, and he was targeted accordingly.  There has been a noticeable bias within American intelligence agencies towards attacking Trump while excusing far greater crimes on the part of his opponents. The media has obediently followed suit, focusing on Trump’s tax returns, while excusing the terrorist groups funded through the Clinton Foundation, repeatedly bashing Trump’s behaviors and lewd locker room conversations, demeaning as they admittedly are towards women and minorities, but ignoring the much more serious pedophilic rings and satanic rites associated with the Clinton dynasty recently uncovered through the Pizzagate investigations.

Why is the focus more on the identity of hackers who uncovered Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s emails rather than on the treasonous and criminal activities they reveal? Why blame Russia and Putin for attempting to eradicate ISIS in Syria while ignoring the ones who created these terror organizations under cover of the CIA and Clinton Foundation? And most recently, why put so much emphasis on CIA allegations of Russians hacking into US elections (whether true or not) when they themselves have a long history of directly manipulating and meddling in legitimate elections in scores of countries worldwide?

It seems that distraction and misdirection have become standard practices within the mainstream media today, and the recent Washington Post article claiming that Russian hacks were behind Trump’s election victory is no exception. But let’s go back to why Donald Trump is such a threat to the Cabal that they are willing to go to any lengths to get rid of him.

The oligarchs know that the only way they can survive in these times is by creating another war. The ‘fractional reserve’ banking system, which is their source of power, is close to collapsing, and they understand that a time of reckoning is at hand where many of them could end up behind bars. They are desperate to stay in power by using weapons of mass deception as they always have, desperate to create another war to distract people from the issues at hand and curtail their power to fight back. And this time the war they wish to create is with Russia, even knowing how foolish and suicidal this is likely to be.

Hillary would give them this war, along with continued wars in the Middle East. But Donald will not. And therefore he is ‘unfit for office’ and needs to be deposed, no matter what it takes.

First there was election fraud. The DNC succeeded in keeping Bernie Sanders out of the primaries. But it didn’t work with Trump. He had too much support going for him and there weren’t enough dead people and illegal aliens voting for Hillary to tip the scales. Apparently the pre-election polls were so skewed that the DNC miscalculated the scale of hacking that would be required. The recount drama initiated by Jill Stein only proved the extent of this DNC fraud, with voter irregularities in Wayne County, Michigan leading lawmakers to question whether Hillary really did win the popular vote. And now there is the attempt to influence the electoral college to dump Trump for Clinton.

I don’t think for a minute that this will succeed, any more than previous attempts have. The collective consciousness has shifted and will no longer allow the old agendas for deceit, war and global fascism. It is the last gasp of a multi-headed hydra, which has already been mortally wounded. But we need to be aware of what’s going on, and do our part in holding a big picture perspective so we can help in the co-creation of a peaceful prosperous earth. I do understand that Donald Trump is not a knight in shining armor, that there is much that he himself is still blind to, but I also feel he is worthy of our hopes as we approach the end of a long era of global tyranny.


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