on 16 May 2016 4:11 PM
  • Planetary Evolution

The only thing that moves me these days is the overwhelming passion I feel for Gaia’s evolution. Our current human species has forfeited its place in the web of life, for we have worked hard to destroy the very foundation of our existence, this earth we call our home.


And yet Gaia has birthed us for a reason.  We are part of an experiment to weave creator consciousness deep into the heart of matter. Perhaps the experiment has not worked as well as it might, but it is not over yet. We are a species in transition, and a greater dawn is at hand.


So yesterday I took the day to go deep into a shamanic space, communing with the heart of the earth and the power of the sky. I felt myself entering the primordial space before the existence of time, creator dreaming a new dream, Gaia emerging from the dream in a beautiful wild dance of creation.


Volcanoes erupted in the power of this dance as supernovas blasted across the skies and galaxies were spewed and swallowed alive through the magnificent forces of maya. The wildness passed as Gaia matured, giving birth to a complex web of life in the passing of the ages.


And then came man, whose purpose of existence in the web of life was to serve as Gaia’s link with infinity. But oh such a fragile species we were, unable to tolerate climatic extremes or the wildness of change. I felt how constrained she felt in her own energy, yet waiting ever patiently for an evolutionary force to move through time that even she herself could not fully imagine.


And then from far out in the supramental realms I felt something enter her womb, a galactic seed that arced across the electric fires of shiva’s dance. I felt a mighty golden hammer break open the door of humanity’s illusion, calling us to enter the deep heart of creation with Gaia, and find our way home.


And I saw then the sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn, birthed from beyond the veils of perceived separation, bodies made beautiful by spirit’s fire, shining with the power of love’s desire for itself.


This was the new species awaited so long, being birthed on the other side of the magnetic reversal. It was human in form but not in expression, far removed from the anchor of separation and duality that has defined our matrix for so many eons. Its new matrix was the direct awareness of oneness that pervaded the infinite multiplicity of forms, so that the entire web of life could find its center and radiate out even further.


This was not a human species alone, but carried the potentials of all species of life to evolve further. This was indeed the birth of a new earth consciousness, not even just homo luminous, but Gaia luminous, a planetary species. And I became Gaia then, and felt the mighty waves of delight that rippled through her being, as the dance of Shiva was once again renewed in a brand new creation.


And I saw in the form of infinite consciousness that seed now being planted. The supramental force was entering the structures of human DNA. We were entering the cocoon of this new creation. The human butterfly, the great cosmic child of a marvelous new dawn, was but a heartbeat away from manifesting fully in all forms and structures of creation.


I saw that the old world with its systems of soulless greed, mindless fear, and heartless oppression will quickly fall away. There is no vital force sustaining these structures anymore. And the seeds of the new earth are germinating just as quickly within the hearts of all who choose awakening now.


The dreamer awakens from his dream, and all creation explodes with joy.


I am shiva. I am. I dance with you my love, my beautiful cosmic gaia. Let the lava of creative energy flow once more. Let the shackles go. I am here in the deep power of endless love. We dance the dance of creation; we create new worlds and new species spring to life.


 Homo luminous…Gaia luminous, you are the crown jewel in all the infinite waves of creation… for in you I see my face clearly, in you I express my love freely, in you the supramental force reveals itself fully… in you all separation dissolves into a single pulse of infinity…