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  • Planetary Evolution

(excerpted from Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth)

And now we come to one of the most significant paradigm shifts of all, and this has to do with the nature of our biology itself.

We have long known that the growth and evolution of life has to do with genetic codes known as DNA. Human share DNA codes with every form of life on earth. Indeed, humans and apes share 99% of the same DNA, while humans and mice share 90%. The further apart we get the less DNA we share in common, but even so every species has more in common with each other than not, even if some have long gone extinct.

What exactly is this DNA? From the perspective of mechanistic biology, these are the building blocks of life, nucleic acids strung together in highly complex chains of information, which replicate according to fixed laws of biology. Just as atoms gravitate together to form molecules, so nucleic acids group together in specific patterns to create life.

How did life first originate? In the last chapter we looked at assumptions about how matter first originated, and how this assumption has now been shown to be faulty. We tend to perceive reality through filters of cause and effect, and therefore assume that there has to be a starting point to biology just as there had to be a starting point for time, space and creation.

But what if the replication of DNA has less to do with biochemical reactions than with informational fields, less to do with physical molecules but rather with wave forms of pulsing micro-currents that are coded through the entire universe?

Lance Schuttler, researcher for TheMindUnleashed.com, tells us that we are surrounded by pulsating waves of invisible genetic information, which create microscopic gravitational forces that pull in atoms and molecules from their surrounding environment to construct DNA.1 

Perhaps it is possible to go even further now, in light of the electric model of the universe, and say that these microscopic gravitational forces themselves draw energy and sustenance from the electrical plasma that fills the entire universe.

Recent experiments bear this out. Schuttler refers to Nobel prize-winning biologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, who placed two sterilized test tubes next to each other, each containing only pure water. One of these contained small amounts of DNA floating in the water. Both tubes were kept within a weak 7 Hz electromagnetic field. Within 7 hours the same DNA had begun to grow in the tube containing only sterilized water!

But that’s not all. In his book, The Source Field Investigations, David Wilcock reports an experiment where a petri dish of sterilized water is placed in conditions where it could receive magnified starlight in a weak plasma field. As photon energies from the cosmos penetrated the petri dish, DNA started to form, just as reported by Dr Montagnier. How is it possible that new DNA was being created within this petri dish, where there was no physical proximity to the source of this parent DNA? 2

Meanwhile German micro-biologist Fritz-Albert Popp made another significant discovery, noting DNA is a carrier and transmitter of light, and that each molecule of DNA was capable of receiving and storing up to 1000 photons within itself. This phenomenon is known as bioluminescence, and the photons held within a DNA molecule are known as biophotons. The health of an organism has to do with how many biophotons it can carry within itself.3

Perhaps we are back in the world of plasma cosmology. If the entire cosmos is held together through micro-electrical plasma fields, this DNA is not travelling across distances, it is simply vibrating across a living web of life that weaves all creation into a single unified field. The bioluminescence exhibited within the cells of our body are simply the expression of these luminous strings of plasma that permeate the entire cosmos.

Implications of this paradigm are immense. It means that we are not isolated in the universe. Our earth not the only planet where life is capable of existing. Life evolves in great profusion within the gravitational forces of a single planetary organism. But DNA can also travel across vast distances of physical space.

This understanding of cosmic DNA suggests that the universe is constantly creating biological life, along with conditions where life can thrive, wherever and whenever it can. Recall Dr Laviolette’s assertion that new creation originates at the centers of galaxies, and that these waveforms of creation travel across space in 12,000-year pulses known as galactic superwaves.

Whenever these pulses travel across the plasma medium of the cosmos, and wherever they find the basic conditions to thrive, micro-gravitational waves begin gathering atoms and molecules together around these packets of plasma-encoded information to create new DNA, and thus, new life.

As we noted earlier, this is not unlike the mechanism through which crop circles are being created in recent times. Even more interestingly, a study of plasma physics can perhaps help us understand better the mechanisms used by advanced space-faring civilizations to travel across vast stellar distances.

As we have seen, a new superwave of galactic information is currently passing through our solar system. Our Sun is going into a quiescent gestation period as it receives this pulse of new creation. I suspect that as we come out of this gestation period sometime within the next 30 years, and into the final phase of a magnetic reversal, Gaia will be able to germinate these seeds of new creation and rebirth Herself in a profusion of extraordinary new life, including the next human species.

I suspect there is an akashic library of DNA held within the plasma field that includes every single species that has ever existed anywhere in the vast cosmos. It is up to Gaia, during times of magnetic reversal, to choose which ones of these myriad forms She wishes to invite into each cycle of evolution. We ourselves are part of Gaia too, and are therefore not separate from this process of new creation.

We cannot perceive the physical and the metaphysical apart from each other. Gravitational forces represent the particle aspect of creation, while electromagnetic forces represent the wave aspect of creation. We might refer to this as matter and spirit, but we hold both of these forces inseparably within ourselves.  Once we recognize their co-existence we move beyond the illusion of maya and free ourselves from the limitations of duality.

We are both creator and creation. This emerging new paradigm represents our map of enlightenment, our journey into homo luminous. It is in integrating these forces that we achieve the supramental descent, a unified consciousness that the sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn have come to initiate here on Earth!


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