on 13 Nov 2016 2:27 PM
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Did Trump’s victory avert nuclear confrontation with Russia?

Can we also expect a de-escalation of tensions in the Middle East?

How would Trump’s presidency affect the current rise of global terrorism?

Should we applaud Donald and Bernie for the demise of TPP?

Will Donald put an end to mandatory vaccinations?

What is Trump’s position regarding the New World Order?

Why is George Soros paying people to create and participate in anti-Trump rallies across the nation?


Despite the fear and tension surfacing across the United States in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory, there are certain realities that need to be acknowledged and applauded. I do believe that if we can truly understand the larger picture here, it would diminish the fear and desperation that many good hearted people are experiencing in these times.


I need to perhaps make clear once again that although I do not always like the man, I do support many of the things he stands for, and we need to be able to give credit where credit is due. I am not a Trump worshipper. There are other things he stands for which I do not support.  But I do not live in a world of black and white realities. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, simply a concerned human being with a conscience for justice, environmental responsibility, and freedom. I speak as a planetary citizen not as a flag waving American, and I speak for my beautiful mother Gaia as a deeply inter-related living consciousness who has been very patient with us but has her own right to life as well.


The questions listed above represent some of the questions NOT being asked in the American mainstream media, and which I would like to draw some attention to. The despair many people are feeling is not because of Donald Trump. We are experiencing despair because we have long become slaves to a system that has been feeding us lies, encouraging our fears, and controlling our minds and resources... and this is now being brought close to the surface where it can be seen and dealt with.


This is not an easy task. The matrix is coming unravelled but many have become so used to swallowing the blue pill that we do not understand the responsibilities inherent within our right to freedom. We must understand the basis of our despair as well as the basis of our hope if we are to truly set ourselves free.


Why is it that the issue of police brutality is surfacing so dramatically across the US? Could it be the fractal reflection of a larger reality where the US has for decades mandated itself as policeman to the world, immune to international rule of law? And why is Standing Rock gaining so much attention now? Could it be a sign that the time for silence is over, that we need to take our stand as protectors for the Earth and for those weaker than ourselves who do not have a voice of their own, to see the full truth and to speak it fearlessly? For those who have the heart to follow me down the rabbit hole, here is a short attempt at Global Politics 101.


The American continents have experienced a long history of genocide and ecocide going back centuries. This policy has not changed, just taken different forms. Over the years, certain influential banking families and industrialists, often known simply as the Cabal, discovered ways in which the same lawlessness could be accomplished more widely through economic manipulation and control. Whoever controls the issue and circulation of money also controls power and resources, and this includes the power to bend the will and trample the rights of people, nations and natural resources.


 This economic manipulation was accomplished through what is known as the fractional reserve system, used by these banking families to create a stranglehold of debt and dependency around the world, enforced by massive military force. The ultimate goal of this secret cabal has been to create a New World Order of absolute economic, political and military control, or in other words, a fascist police state as foreshadowed by George Orwell in 1984.


Those who resisted the New World Order have been systematically destroyed. The mainstream media became the propaganda machine, just as in Nazi Germany, to justify invasions and wars of terror, wherever resistance was encountered. We do not have to dig very deep to see this strategy being displayed in Iraq, Somalia, Libya, and endless countries around the world. “We came, we saw, he died,” as Hillary Clinton expressed so graphically.


The designs of the NWO hit a major roadblock in Syria. The strategy of the Cabal was to get rid of President Assad by demonizing him and then toppling the legitimate Syrian government, simply because he refused to be a willing puppet to the NWO agenda. After all, Saudi Arabia and Qatar needed to have their pipeline running through Syria into Europe, which Assad did not see as beneficial for his country, and so a proxy war was initiated through the Clinton Foundation in order to remove him and replace him. Just as Al Qaeda was created in Libya and the Taliban in Afghanistan, so ISIS was created to destroy the legitimate governments of Syria and Iraq.


Except that this time an unexpected champion arose in the form of Vladmir Putin of Russia, who was aware of these undercurrents, and whom George Soros has denigrated as a traitor to the New World Order. He chose to ally with Syria to destroy ISIS instead. Despite all the talk about resisting terrorist groups, the US Cabal, for whom the Bushes and Clintons have been the mouthpiece in recent years, has been secretly training and arming them.  And so naturally, sensing the defeat of their plans to destabilize the region, they chose to resist Russian attempts to combat ISIS, contributing further to the massive refugee crisis we face today.


Where does this leave us with Donald Trump? As a political outsider, he does not seem to be controlled by the agendas of the NWO, which in recent months has included attempts to escalate tensions with Russia, China, Iran and other nations in order to initiate a possible world war. There has been a steep rise in popular awareness over recent years, which threatens the game plan of this Cabal, and a worldwide conflagration would have been their final ploy to establish a police state and maintain their illegitimate power.


Wikileaks, Veritas, and whistleblowers within all levels of governance have shown strong evidence that a Hillary presidency would have rapidly escalated this trajectory towards global war. Putin has long recognized this, and has felt increasingly threatened by this agenda, building his own defensive and offensive capabilities in preparation for an imminent military confrontation. There is palpable relief in Russia and elsewhere in the world that a Trump victory could signify a return to normalizing US-Russian relationships and setting back the doomsday clock.


I have been in Egypt for the past few days. It seems that a big revolution of protest had been planned in the event of Hillary Clinton’s election victory, which got cancelled when Trump won. ISIS, known as Daesh or the Muslim Brotherhood here, has become a serious threat to peace and stability in this land also. People around the world are much more aware, and recognize the dangers of NWO policies in a way that most Americans don’t, or have turned a blind eye to. The US has fought wars of aggression through most of its history, which has always backfired on the American people as well, in terms of lost freedoms domestically as well as lost respect and integrity in the eyes of people everywhere else. But the American people seem to be waking up to this now, which in my analysis accounts for at least some of the momentum behind Donald Trump’s win.


It is noteworthy that Trump has recently spoken with the President of Mexico calling on him to jointly oppose the New World Order, and has moved towards dismantling the TPP and other trade agreements that would essentially allow corporate giants such as Monsanto and Bayer to have free reign around the world, even within countries where they have been actively opposed. It is interesting that Putin has made it illegal for Rothschild banks to do business in Russia, and has also banned GMO’s and vaccines. And it is interesting that none of these things show up in the American mainstream media, which as usual tends to focus on division, diversion, derision and deception, where any attempts at investigative journalism and truth-telling become quickly ridiculed as conspiracy theory. As Orwell predicted so accurately, we have entered a time when defenders of truth become demonized and thinly fabricated lies become the basis for wars of aggression.


If this is your first trip down this particular rabbit-hole, the above statements may sound shocking and inconceivable. But please research this yourself, seek your own truth, and then let’s see how we can redirect our collective energies to look behind the curtain where the real villains might be. Examine the writings of John Pilger, Paul Craig Roberts, Jon Rappoport, John Perkins and Noam Chomsky. The links below might be worth investigating as well:

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