on 09 Nov 2016 2:00 PM
  • Sociopolitical Perspectives

There are big shockwaves hitting America and the world right now. Contrary to mainstream expectations and opinion polls Donald Trump has won the presidency by a minor landslide.  Many feel a despair and deep pain as they visualize four years of sexist remarks, narcissistic posturing, and belligerent racism. Others are experiencing the elation of being victorious over powerful dynasties and special interest groups. Many feel angry and betrayed by Hillary Clinton and the DNC for having stolen the primaries from Bernie Sanders who, in all likelihood, could have trounced Trump. Some are feeling unsafe in their own country and talking about heading for Canada. Others feel this is the first step towards taking back the constitution from the control of a corporate banking mafia that has hijacked the American people.


For myself, more than specific events and outward appearances, I tend to measure global events in light of powerful evolutionary forces moving through the planetary field today. I also tend to look at global politics from the perspective of an underlying New World Order agenda, which goes beyond a single country or a single political party or a single election result. Where does the current election fit into the big picture? For those who feel despairing, is there a message of hope to be found here? For others who feel elated, where is the journey ultimately taking us? Is there a perspective that could offer both hope and direction for all of us?


A year ago I was speaking with someone who had once worked for the NSA, which has over the years been steadfastly accumulating a massive database not only on individual people around the world, but also on global trends. According to him, there was a turning point that took place in the summer of 2015, where the collective consciousness of humanity chose to no longer be controlled by a small group of elites, but to free themselves from the policies of oppression and fear that have plagued the planet for endless cycles of history.


Things do seem to have accelerated greatly since then. It began with major challenges in the face of New World Order agendas for escalating wars in the Middle East. Shortly after this came Brexit, which for many represented a break from a corporate takeover of the European Union. There has been a growing sense in many European countries that the EU no longer represents co-operation and mutual relationships within these member nations but has come to represent corporate tyranny, resulting in the bankruptcy of many of these member nations.  Many countries in Europe are beginning to consider a similar move now.


There is a similar trend with the elections in the United States. Trump’s victory was just as unexpected as the Brexit vote. Just as the EU has played member nation against member nation for the benefit of an elite group of banking corporations, the cartels working behind the political curtains of the United States has tended to create a similar state of division and fear, which as we all know, is a brilliantly effective means for controlling an unthinking population.


There was a time many had become obsessed with the Pepsi vs Coca Cola debate, before coming to the realization they were both owned by the same people. The Democrats and the Republicans are likewise pitted against each other, but are both owned by the same dynasties, who have taken great care to groom and select their own candidates to fulfill their unique elitist agendas, while staging a grand pretense of democracy.


Independent candidates don’t stand a chance within this system. I don’t believe there has been a true Independent movement since John F Kennedy, not until the entry of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump into the arena of presidential politics.


And this is what gives me hope for American politics. Bernie Sanders spoke often about the 99 percent, those who had been asleep but were now awakening in order to take back their power from the ruling oligarchs. But then to the shock of his supporters, he himself was thrown under the bus. We may never know exactly what happened behind the scenes, but he ended up endorsing the very same corrupt system that seemed to have used innumerable counts of election fraud to steal the nomination from him.


Whenever there is a significant wave created in the collective, someone else always rises up in order to carry it forward again. Nobody expected this person to be Donald Trump. But it seems to me that this loose cannon whom many had demonized as a belligerent narcissistic sociopath suddenly stepped into the vacuum that Bernie had vacated, and became a champion for ‘draining the swamp’ of corporate corruption that has became rampant through much of Washington. The Clinton Foundation and its ties with terror groups in the Middle East and North Africa, is a prime example of this corruption.  Trump certainly is no angel and has his own dark shadows, but he has displayed an enormous courage in confronting the corporate interests that Bernie also passionately tried to resist.


As such, Trump represents for me someone who despite his faults is being used by the power of light to effect radical change within a deeply entrenched oligarchical system. Some have equated him with Hitler. I disagree. Unlike Hillary, he has repeatedly stated his desire to halt the endless wars in the Middle East, to work with international leaders through diplomacy rather than force, to stop TPP and similar trade agreements that would place absolute power in the hands of trade corporations instead of small businesses and ordinary people, and to ban fracking with all its attendant risks and abuses.


He is committed to ‘draining the swamp’. Perhaps he still has a long way to go before he can embrace the kind of clear vision that Jill Stein possesses. But it does seem to me that if enough people get behind him to support these progressive agendas, while at the same time continuing to challenge his more extremist tendencies, that this could be exactly we need at this point in our journey towards sovereignty and freedom. Perhaps it takes someone of his belligerent nature to confront the powerful forces he has chosen to expose.


Many liberals have assumed that the only people who could support Trump are the so-called ‘deplorables’, white supremacists prone to sexism and violence, uneducated ‘rednecks’, and political conservatives. I don’t see this being true anymore. There are many thinking, caring, environmentally and socially conscious people, including women, who have supported Trump simply because he represented a way out of the neo-conservative ‘swamp’ that has plagued US domestic politics and foreign policy in recent times.


Just as Bernie Sanders was an Independent who chose to run under the Democratic ticket, it seems to me that Donald Trump is essentially an Independent who chose to run under the Republican ticket. The fact that neither the Democrat nor the Republican party nor their corporate owners like him a whole lot could be a point in his favor, since it essentially means he is not controlled by the globalist forces that have ruthlessly manipulated political and economic interests behind the curtain.


I still don’t particularly care for some of Donald Trump’s qualities as a person, but I feel that a direct result of his election victory could be a massive de-escalation of tensions in the Middle East and elsewhere, a rallying point for many around the world who are tired of unending wars and corporate injustice. I realize that those not aware of the New World Order agenda may disagree with this assessment, but I do feel that voting for any candidate who is not a direct mouthpiece for this elitist agenda is a vote towards a safer and more peaceful world. I would certainly have preferred Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein in the role of President, but I do believe Donald Trump is a safer option than Hillary Clinton would have been.


Again, I am aware that not everyone might agree with this assessment. There is the tale of the five blind men and the elephant, the moral of the story being that there could be many equally valid perspectives for any given truth. Still, regardless of who might have won, and how anyone might feel about this, I see that people are beginning to awaken, to look behind the curtain at the forces driving the system, and choosing to work towards justice, truth and freedom for all.


These coming times may not be easy. The divide runs deep, and there is much to be healed in the human collective before the new energies can be grounded. But the wave of awakening cannot be stopped no matter what. And this is what gives me hope today.