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By Kiara Windrider with Barry Snyder Martin


I have recently been watching Ben Davidson’s Earth Catastrophe Series on his Youtube channel, Suspicious Observers, and find it remarkably exciting as well as deeply sobering. In the following short article, I would like to summarize these cycles of catastrophe and what this means for humanity and the earth.


I have been doing similar research for almost three decades now, starting with a book that my friend Barry shared with me in the early 90’s, called Reality Revealed: The Theory of Multidimensional Reality by Douglas Vogt and Gary Sultan. It spoke of recurring cosmic cycles and what drives them, and emphasized that the turning point between two cycles is usually marked by a sequence of natural catastrophes. I’ve been exploring similar themes ever since - encompassing fields of research including astrophysics, geology, ancient history, plasma cosmology, biology, metaphysics, systems theory and shamanic disciplines.


I believe that the main reason many of us are here on Earth at this time is to experience first hand this unique cycle of events, and use the evolutionary energies present within these events to greatly accelerate our personal and collective journey of awakening. Below are some of the key elements of this research.


Let’s start at the galactic level. I first met astrophysicist Dr Paul LaViolette in 2001 at a conference in Las Vegas. He had just published his book Earth Under Fire, while I had just published my first book, Doorway to Eternity. Our respective booths happened to be right next to each other, which gave us an opportunity to spend some time together. That first meeting became the basis of a quiet friendship and exchange of ideas that has continued ever since. 


His theory of Continuous Creation seems to tally with the recently emerging Electric Universe theory, and also with the ancient Hindu understanding of Advaita, or Non-duality, which explains how endless cycles of creation and dissolution are simultaneously occurring in each moment of time, and that the seemingly opposite polarities of spirit and matter are always inherently present within each other.


The key to understanding creation as well as evolution is in recognizing its cyclical nature. La Violette has also been a pioneer in describing a phenomenon known as galactic superwaves, which can be pictured as the heartbeat of our galaxy. These superwaves emanate out from the galactic center every 12,000 years or so, and seem to be the primary initiator for all kinds of cyclical events in our galaxy, solar system and planet.


I sense that this galactic pulse is synchronized with galactic pulses throughout the physical universe, perhaps explaining how information is linked and instantaneously transmitted across time and space through massive electrical inter-galactic filaments. Barry also refers to magnetic portals linking the earth, sun, and various star systems. The electric universe model, as expounded by Hannes Alfven, Anthony Perratt, Don Scott, Wallace Thornhill, David Talbot, and others, provides a simple yet profound explanation for such pheonomena (check out their Thunderbolts Project Youtube channel).


Douglas Vogt, in Reality Revealed, and on his Youtube channel, Diehold Foundation, refers to a clock cycle of 12,068 years, which could well be linked with LaViolette’s galactic superwave, which triggers cataclysmic events on a regular basis in order to initiate new cycles of evolution on earth. He links this also with micronovas on the Sun, and with magnetic reversals on the Earth.


The phenomenon known as coronal mass ejections represents an explosive ejection of plasma where part of the outer shell of the Sun gets detached and ejected into interplanetary space. These seem to happen frequently, and although disruptive, are not necessarily catastrophic. Micronovas are a bigger event, directly linked with this clock cycle, where the entire outer shell of the Sun gets blasted out through the solar system. Unlike supernovas, which take place at the end of a Sun’s life cycle, a micronova is a periodic event within its life cycle, which can however be almost equally catastrophic in its effects.


I have also been inspired by the work of Robert Felix, who corroborates Vogt and Sultan’s research into cycles of magnetic reversal, and notes that these cycles are much shorter than mainstream science has previously been willing to acknowledge.


A magnetic reversal is not the same as a geographical pole shift, and represents a process where the magnetic north and south poles of the earth begin moving rapidly towards drastically different locations on the earth, which may be close to the equator but still opposite from each other, before flipping into reverse mode shortly afterwards. Much like the 11-year sunspot cycle on the Sun, there could be several axes of polarity during the reversal process.


 Many scientists tell us that this process has already begun, and could complete itself within a few decades at most. My own sense is that the last phase of a magnetic reversal, from the halfway equatorial point to the actual reversal of magnetic polarity, is especially rapid, and could take place in a matter of hours or days!


The ancients referred to this phase as ‘the three days of darkness’. In my travels to Guatemala, Mayan elders such as Don Alejandro Cirillo pointed to this as their central prophecy, and indicated that the precursors to the fulfillment of this prophecy have already taken place, and that these ‘three days’ would be coming soon. It is an event they have long awaited, he said, and represents a rebirth for mother earth, and therefore not to be feared.


Felix’s research links magnetic reversals with extinction events as well as with evolutionary leaps.  This is particularly significant for me, since the extinction of species already seems to be well underway. If this extinction of species is part of a recurring cycle, could it be that the subsequent creation of new species at the end of the magnetic reversal would invariably follow?  As every cycle of birth is preceded by the dissolution of an old matrix, so behind all cycles of catastrophe there is an Infinite Intelligence, which is continually guiding and shaping the evolutionary journey of our planet into its next phase of development.


The work of Sri Aurobindo, who speaks of a supramental consciousness descending into matter during this time, expands on this theme. He refers to a supramental catastrophe preceding the supramental descent, and that our biology is being prepared for the creation of an entirely new species of humanity in response to this descent. He refers to this new species as the divine human, or more poetically, as the sun-eyed children of a marvelous new dawn. The Inkas termed this new species homo luminous, and we can likewise look to the new earth subsequent to the magnetic reversal as Gaia Luminous.


In keeping with the Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov’s prophecy about a purifying cosmic electricity sweeping the earth within the next few decades, and with ancient Inka/Maya prophecies about three days of darkness, I have come to wonder if these prophecies refer to these same cycles of magnetic reversal on our planet followed by massive evolutionary leaps, not limited to humans but extending through all species on Earth.


There have been two questions that I find worth reflecting on in this regard. One is the actual sequence and chronology of these events. I do believe that all solar and planetary cycles are initiated by LaViolette’s galactic superwave, which follows a roughly 12,000 year cycle, (perhaps identical to Vogt’s 12.068 year clock cycle or Felix’s 11,500 year cycle), and seems to coincide also with the apparent crossing of our galactic equator every 12,000 years, as John Major Jenkins describes.


This cycle may also coincide with the effects within our solar system of our Sun revolving around its twin Star, possibly Sirius, every 24,000 years, as Dr. Walter Cruttenden has been theorizing, and which may form the basis for the Hindu cycle of the yugas, alternating between ages of darkness and ages of light.


Along with the cycle of incoming galactic superwaves, I believe we are also dealing with the effects of cosmic dust entering our solar system as we enter a new region of interstellar space within the Orion arm of our galaxy. Alexey Dmetriev refers to the effects of this on our Sun as well as on all the other planets within our solar system: (https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/esp_ciencia_solarsystem02.htm).


And then we have the shorter cycle of Little Ice Ages, which Valentina Zharkova and John Casey have been discussing over the past few years. We are not referring to Classical Ice Ages, which can last for tens of thousands of years, but to periodic fluctuations within our current Interglacial Period, which follow a 400 year cycle of relative warming and cooling. As we enter a cooling cycle, or Grand Solar Minimum, within the next year or so, characterized by minimal sunspot activity, we could well be seeing a lot of solar events being initiated which could impact our Earth very shortly.


In terms of an actual sequence of events, I have been sensing that the next incoming galactic superwave, along with an incoming barrage of cosmic dust, would have a direct effect on our Sun, followed soon afterwards by a magnetic reversal on the Earth. The actual timing keys for this, and how exactly this fits into the emerging Little Ice Age, I do not fully understand, except that perhaps in response to the incoming galactic superwave, our Sun would begin gathering immense potential energies from the electrical intergalactic web that it is linked with, acting as a huge storage capacitor during the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum, until it suddenly explodes outwards in a micro nova extending out to all the planets in our solar system.


There is another catastrophic phenomenon worth mentioning here, which scientists refer to as a crustal plate displacement. This, unlike a magnetic reversal, is an event where the entire crust of the Earth slips over its subterranean base, so that all continents and oceans are moved into entirely new positions in relation to their original locations. There are so-called magneto-hydro-dynamic forces within the upper mantle of the Earth, which under certain conditions (like the collapse of Earth’s magnetic field) cause this normally solid layer to become liquefied, thereby allowing the entire crust to be moved over the mantle like a loose orange peel. As Dr. Charles Hapgood and others have shown, this has happened quite regularly in the history of our planet.


The theory is that when the outer mantle, a layer between 60 and 120 miles below the surface, becomes liquefied, the crust of the earth moves to a new equilibrium in response to a wobble caused by the weight of polar ice. Under normal circumstances, as long as the upper mantle remains solid, the earth continues to turn in place despite this wobble. However, once the upper mantle liquefies, the entire crust of the earth would shift to a new position in order to find a more balanced equilibrium. I sense that this could well take place during the last phase of the magnetic reversal in response to a sudden weakening or reversal of the earth’s magnetic field.


This essentially means that the entire crust of the earth would tilt sideways in response to a magnetic reversal and consequent liquefaction of the upper mantle, with polar regions shifting towards equatorial regions. The original motion of winds and seas would continue for a short period, however, generating supersonic gales and cataclysmic tsunamis over a period of hours or days capable of shredding and obliterating most life on the planet. In the years to follow there would also be a rapid rise in sea levels as polar ice sheets melt rapidly in the equatorial heat.


When I first heard about this possibility after reading Reality Revealed, and from examining the work of Hapgood, I was not convinced this was necessarily linked with magnetic reversals. Although the most recent magnetic reversal approximately 12,000 years ago did coincide with a crustal plate displacement, conversations I had with Dr LaViolette convinced me that these two phenomena could act independently of each other.


However, after coming across a book by Dr Chan Thomas, known as The Adam and Eve Story, I found myself going back to my earlier intuitions about a crustal plate displacement.  In response to a magnetic field collapse, and the shifting of the crust that would follow, he describes an event that would be highly cataclysmic and extremely sudden, as entire mountains of water moved eastwards across the face of the earth within a single day, decimating most of life, carving enormous rift valleys into the landscape, generating unbelievably strong winds, then rapidly freezing what remained of life as experienced during the last cycle with the wooly mammoths of Siberia.


Horrendous as it may sound, I am inclined to concur with Thomas that such a cataclysmic series of events could well accompany or follow a magnetic reversal. Meanwhile, John Casey, in his books Upheaval and Dark Winter, also describes the relationship between a grand solar minimum, an increase of cosmic ray volleys entering the atmosphere of the earth, and massive tectonic activity. All these phenomena seem to be somehow inter-related.


Michael Salla reports that according to Corey Goode in his Secret Space Revelations, the expected solar flash (micro nova) would come at the end of solar cycle 24, which most likely means the winter of 2019-20. I haven’t always resonated with Corey Goode’s information, but this is certainly intriguing, simply because the timing for this is not very far away.


Douglas Vogt points to 2046 for the timing of this same event, and I am looking at this 26 year period between 2020 and 2046 as a window for this earth catastrophe cycle to be initiated, including the entire sequence of a galactic superwave followed by the incursion of cosmic dust followed by a micro nova event on the Sun followed by a magnetic reversal on the Earth, and finally a scenario of crustal plate displacement including fiery magma explosions, massive continental flooding and deep rapid freezing throughout the face of the Earth. 


Ben Davidson’s Earth Catastrophe series includes interviews with people on the cutting edge of this research, such as Douglas Vogt, Paul LaViolette Robert Schoch, Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock, Robert Felix, and the Chan Thomas material. But this is a very new science. Many pieces of this giant jigsaw puzzle are still missing, and most of the puzzle has yet to be put together.  I feel this is a very fruitful and needed area of research, and would especially like to better understand the exact sequence and chronology of these events. The more we can grasp the big picture, and understand all of our options, the more we can ride the waves of change in a spirit of empowerment and grace.


It seems to me, if this research is accurate, that we are looking at an extinction level event, much like what transpired approximately 12,000 years ago during the last cycle of civilization, with a major part of our human species disappearing off the face of the earth. But are we irrevocably doomed to cataclysmic death and destruction? Do we have choices? Is there a deeper purpose in all this? Are there other potential scenarios that could perhaps be a little less destructive?


First of all, even given the worst-case scenario of crustal plate displacement, I do not see these events as necessarily tragic. As Robert Felix describes, magnetic reversal are invariably accompanied by evolutionary leaps, triggered by the effects of incoming cosmic radiation. From a systems perspective, considering Gaia as an intelligent life form that uses catastrophic events to shape her own journey of evolution, I see this as a birthing of new consciousness, Gaia Luminous, whatever timeline we experience.


When a child is conceived, we do not mourn the millions of sperm cells that die in the process of fertilizing an egg cell, but celebrate instead the new life that emerges after conception has successfully taken place. The caterpillar must undergo a complete transformation of its DNA, including a total breakdown of its old genetic structure, before it can emerge as a butterfly. We are not here to necessarily ‘save the planet’, but to evolve. And, one way or the other, Gaia will continue to evolve, with or without our current human species.


Is there a mechanism for Gaia’s evolutionary leaps? And how can humans participate in this birthing process, if we choose to? It is intriguing to me to compare these cycles of catastrophe with near death or actual death experiences. In the moment of clinical death, when the heart stops beating, the magnetic field around the heart, which links the physical body to its subtler counterparts, collapses. This releases a substance known as DMT within the pineal gland, which in turn opens doorways between dimensions so that the subtle bodies and soul can exit into higher dimensional worlds.


It is the same thing that happens under the influence of ayahuasca or other hallucinogenic plants. The DMT contained within these plant medicines opens doorways of perception where we can begin to explore and experience extraordinary new worlds and dimensions unfettered by the conditioned limitations of the conscious human mind.


What would happen when the magnetic field of an entire planet collapses during a magnetic reversal? Would this perhaps release DMT within the collective experience of humanity, and indeed all mammalian life on earth? And what would happen when the earth’s magnetic field reorients or reverses itself in response to new galactic information, accompanied by massive cosmic ray volleys? Would this perhaps be the basis for evolutionary leaps within humanity and other species on earth?


Finally, what happens when the rotation of the earth goes through a 90-degree tilt in response to a crustal plate displacement? Would this open a dimensional doorway through which we might collectively shift into a 4th or 5th dimensional experience of reality, however this might be defined within different systems of understanding?


Barry recently reminded of a book written many years ago by hypnotherapist Chet Snow, called Mass Dreams of the Future. It describes sessions with clients where he takes people forward into future lifetimes on earth, and notices that their experiences fall into three distinct categories. The first category describes a world ruined by war, environmental degradation and catastrophe. The second category describes a world where survivors have learned to live off planet or underground. The third category describes a beautiful green planet where humans have learned to transmute timelines of war and destruction through the power of their shared intention.


I believe that this third timeline is why we are here on earth. I don’t believe that our future is set in stone, but that the power of our collective hearts can create possibilities undreamed of before. Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner, known as the Mother, saw decades ago that humanity would go through a time of great catastrophe, but that an alchemical transformation would eventually take place through the power of what he called the supramental force, whereby the descent of unified light would transmute possibilities of death and destruction in order to establish a beautiful new earth. Many other mystics and prophets over the years have seen the same.


I believe that we are given glimpses of the future in order to choose wisely and well. If we continue our reckless course of greed, aggression and environmental destruction, I have no doubt that a great global catastrophe, as outlined in the paragraphs above, would inevitably follow. We have been amply warned. However, if even a few of us can unify our intentions with the evolutionary purpose of Gaia, we can co-create the third timeline of a beautiful green planet, using the immense powers that lie dormant within us, to shape a new evolution.


It may even be, as Barry points out, that these three timelines are not separate from each other, but inclusive and interconnected. And that each of us gets to experience exactly what we choose to experience for that particular cycle. Our experience of time may not be as linear as we like to believe. If we are multi-dimensional beings living in a holographic universe, it isn’t so much about choosing between limited options as stepping outside the box and recognizing ourselves as dreamers of creation.


What kind of world would we like to create?




Please check out my website, Kiarawindrider.net for a deeper exploration of these themes, along with my books, Gaia Luminous and Homo Luminous. Barry and Karen’s website, Luminousself.com also address these possibilities in more detail, along with their book, Awakening at the End of Time.