on 26 Oct 2016 4:01 PM
  • Sociopolitical Perspectives

I’ve been watching my favorite soap opera, the so-called presidential debates, and gaining a little more clarity about the big picture of things. It has become very clear to me that it doesn’t even really matter who says what, who scores more political points, or who votes for who in this era of rigged elections and high corruption, because the outcome has been already decided, and the rest of it is all window dressing to give people the illusion that they have a vote, a choice, or a conscious voice in determining their national path and global destiny.


More important for me than who actually wins the so-called election is the question of who manipulates the strings behind the scenes, which candidate has already been groomed for office, and what that means for America and the rest of the world.


The agenda mapping American policy today is the same agenda that has been operating behind the scenes for endless decades now, manipulating the national economy to create scarcity and discontent, masterminding wars around the world for oil, power and resources, controlling mainstream media to shape people’s thoughts, and breeding a constant state of fear to manipulate their emotions. 


The choice we are given between our two primary candidates for President is appalling enough. But what if we looked behind the curtain, like in the classic Wizard of Oz? Could it be that a certain group of banking families and their minions on Wall Street have already chosen their mouthpiece, and will do everything in their considerable power, which includes rigging an election, to ensure that this happens?


The stated agenda of this shadowy cabal is to create a new world order of total financial and political domination. Any sovereign government that seeks to resist this hegemony is first demonized and then toppled. We have seen this happening over and over again all through Central America, South America, Africa, South Asia, the Far East and the Middle East. The powder keg that could escalate into a third world war is currently focused on proxy wars being fought in Syria in order to fulfill an oil deal with Saudi Arabia under the auspices of the Clinton Foundation. The Syrian refugee crisis is a direct outcome of this, a situation which can only be expected to escalate if this agenda succeeds.


I expect that as the mouthpiece for the new world order, that Hillary Clinton will ‘win’ the so-called elections, just as she won the democratic primaries. As Secretary of State she has already proven herself willing to serve as a champion for Wall Street and Big Business, a cause that has generated cycles of endless war and impoverishment for ordinary people around the world, including those living in the United States of America.


 Despite this inevitability, I believe there is hope for America and the world.  There is an awakening taking place within the collective consciousness of humanity. Just as the role of Bernie Sanders was to wake people up to the excesses of Wall Street, and the role of Jill Stein was to hold the vision for a green earth, the role of Donald Trump has been to challenge the establishment and reveal the corruption at the heart of Washington. His call to make America great again rings true on this level, despite the glaring inconsistencies within his own narcissistic, chauvinistic and rather unstable personality.


Unlike previous articles in this series, I no longer feel the need to inform people about who to vote for. From a pragmatic perspective, it wont matter much anyway. As has been shockingly proven in recent months, electronic voting machines are easily rigged, no matter who you think you are voting for. 


What we do need however, is to pull aside the curtain and take a look at the big picture. We must refuse to be diverted by the puppet show and pay attention to who is pulling the strings and why, and then take our stance collectively against tyranny, injustice and corruption everywhere. What does the current election soap opera reveal about our collective shadow, and what are the choices we could be making, not just for a single nation but for the planet? Can we rise above the drama and take our stance as defenders of the earth, especially for those whose voices have been forever silenced in the endless wars of terror, mind control and occupation through decades past?


I have written much about global transformations and evolutionary leaps in times past. And I do believe that ultimately the human spirit is deep enough and strong enough to overcome the weight of our current collective shadow. There are times I am asked why as a spiritual teacher I choose to enter the murky depths of global politics. For me, these two aspects of my awareness are inseparably linked. I am placed upon this earth to hold a candle wherever it may be needed, and I consider that educating the mind to truth is just as important as opening the heart to love.


Our political realities mirror our deep understandings of who we are. As we break through the chains of fear, separation and denial that have long enslaved us, we set ourselves free. Perhaps we can each reflect on this as we enter the final weeks of the election cycle.