on 07 Feb 2017 12:00 AM
  • Magnetic Reversals and the Electric Universe

There is an enormous paradigm shift taking place in scientific circles today about the nature and composition of the universe.

We are moving away from a mechanistic model based on physical objects spinning around each other through vast interstellar distances to a more dynamic model where the entire universe is perceived as a single pulsating web of electric plasma inherently inter-connected to everything else even beyond the boundaries of space and time.

Recall the ancient Indian metaphor of Indra’s net, where the universe is perceived as a string of pearls, each pearl reflecting every other pearl, each pearl containing every other pearl, and each pearl essentially being every other pearl. Our physical universe is now being seen to behave far more in accordance with this model than our current scientific paradigm based on gravitational forces and linear motion.

Take for instance our own Sun. According to traditional science it is an immense ball of hydrogen and helium gases, producing heat through nuclear fusion, which then radiates out through the solar system to warm up planetary bodies in proportion to their relative distance from the Sun. According to this theory there is a huge, but finite, amount of energy available to us, based on the life cycle of our sun from white dwarf to red giant.

Likewise, according to this theory, the universe operates according to laws of entropy, beginning with the Big Bang 13.6 billion years ago, rapidly expanding out through an almost infinite stretch of intergalactic space, eventually slowing down, reversing direction, and collapsing back into a singularity of time and space. Although we are still billions of years away from this eventual point of demise, the universe is still finite according to this model.

Scientists have puzzled over why the universe seems to behave in certain predictable ways as far as these macrocosmic worlds are concerned, but works so differently in the microcosmic world of subatomic particles, where time and space take on an apparently random quality, and where the consciousness of the observer makes such a significant difference in how these particles behave.

Could it be that what we are looking for to unify these two worlds is not so much about discovering some elusive Theory of Everything, but shifting our perceptions slightly to understand what has always been right in front of our very noses?

Could it be that the laws of quantum physics and the laws of relativity are exactly the same laws, except that we just have not been able to perceive them rightly?

We have been so deeply conditioned by our physical senses to believe in ideas of shape, size and distance that it seems to me that we have lost our ability to observe the universal matrix underlying all time and space, all things in creation ranging from the largest super-galactic clusters to the smallest boson.

To our observable physical senses, it seems that gravitation is the strongest of the four basic forces. The entire fabric of the observable universe, including relativity, the speed of light, and the separation of objects in space and time, is based on our understanding of gravitational forces.

In our own solar system, the planets seem to be held in orbits around the sun by the forces of gravity, while the sun is held in its 230 million year orbit around the galactic center through this same force. Our galaxy rotates around a super-galactic center, which rotates around its own galactic cluster, and so on, until the entire physical universe seems to be expanding out from its original singularity in time to the far extent of an almost infinite space, to eventually return back long eons from now through the force of gravity.

But what if we were to try and perceive the universe not through the physical forces of gravity acting upon physical objects but though a vast network of invisible electromagnetic forces that weave all things together? Unlike the force of gravity, which diminishes proportionately the further two objects are separated from each other, electric forces maintain a connection between these same objects no matter how far they move apart in space or time. Across the vast cosmos, electromagnetic energy is 1,000,000,000,000 times stronger than gravitational energy!

The Electric Universe theory, or Plasma Cosmology, is based on the idea that 99.999 % of the universe is plasma, and that all plasma produces its own magnetic fields and electrical currents.1 Wikipedia defines plasma as one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid and gas. It is a quantum mix of negatively charged electrons and highly charged positive ions, created within hot gases or by subjecting gas to strong electromagnetic fields. 

The Sun, stars, galaxies and even what appears to be physical matter, are primarily composed of plasma. Known to earlier alchemists as ether, it is the substrate of all things in existence.

Plasma cosmology takes away the requirement for a Big Bang, or a beginning to space, time, matter or energy. It takes away the need for a single act of Creation. It takes away the need for dark matter or dark energy, black holes or neutron stars to explain away inconsistencies in the gravity theory of the universe. And it provides a meaningful context for string theory, which postulates that all the heart of all matter is an eleven dimensional matrix of vibrating strings.

Physical interactions between objects on the macrocosmic level can be explained through plasma interactions appearing as electrical currents, while quantum interactions on the microcosmic level can equally be explained through plasma interactions between electrons, protons and a multitude of ever smaller sub-atomic particles. Ultimately, this theory explains why all matter, not just photons and subatomic particles, sometimes appear as particles and sometimes as waves.

It explains how human consciousness, when fixated in a physical universe of gravitational laws, seems to function through the limitations of the rational mind, through the laws of cause and effect, and within a matrix of time and space. In this state objects appear to be separate from each other, and the universe appears to operate through fixed laws of relativity.

But simultaneously, as we shift our awareness towards the universal network of intelligent plasma fields, this same human consciousness is enabled to travel outside of time and space, and experience mystical, non-dual realms beyond the boundaries of the rational mind. We exist in all things, both within time and outside time, within space and outside space.

Plasma cosmology explains how the entire universe seems to operate like a single pulsing organism, instantaneously transmitting information back and forth across vast distances irrespective of the speed of light. It explains how the physical universe itself is an emanation of cosmic consciousness, and how everything that can be perceived within time and space is constantly shifting back and forth between form and formless realities.

Douglas Vogt referred to this formless, or causal realm as the Diehold, the ancient Hindus referred to it as Brahman, others simply as the Source field, or Cosmic Consciousness. Matter and energy are not so much created out of this realm of Consciousness, but are constantly oscillating back and forth between these two states. It is only maya that causes the rational mind to believe that these two states of existence are separate from each other.

This theory explains how we as multi-dimensional entities can cross between timelines, and create multiple dimensions of reality, based on where we choose to place our focus. Just as Schroedinger’s cat is neither dead nor alive until we open the box to take a look, so there is no fixed reality out there until we, in multi-dimensional awareness, choose to make it so.

On a practical level, an understanding of this theory allows us to reach beyond the finite resources of our weakening sun, and tap directly into the plasma currents that constantly surround our earth and solar system. Whether we utilize these currents to enhance our biological capabilities, tap into this infinite source of power to replace our dependence on fossil fuels, or allow these understandings to shape our philosophical, psychological, scientific and spiritual paradigms, it is crucial to our survival and continued evolution in these pivotal times.

Ultimately, this model also provides me with a blueprint for how homo luminous could actually emerge. Our nervous systems have evolved to a point where our biology has become extremely receptive to our vibrational consciousness, which in turn has much to do with our collective conditioning.

The Plasma Cosmology paradigm empowers us to seek our true identity as universal consciousness, the Self that permeates all things. Once we know ourselves as the Self, higher levels of the mind can begin to integrate with the rational mind, allowing us the experience of transforming and shaping our perceptions of reality in the world of physical matter as well.

The paradigm shift from a gravity model of the universe to an electric model of the universe is just as revolutionary as the shift from a flat earth model of the universe to the Copernican model of planets spinning around a sun, or from Newtonian physics to relativity or quantum physics. Every paradigm shift we make helps our evolution by learning to perceive the universe differently. For as we perceive, so we become.

 The physical and the metaphysical can no longer be perceived apart from each other. This is our journey of enlightenment, our journey into homo luminous. This is the supramental descent, a unifying consciousness that the sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn have come to initiate on Earth now!


Some of the pioneers of the Electric Universe theory include Hannes Alfven, Anthony Peratt, David Talbott, and Wallace Thornhill. Please check the youtube channel, Thunderbolts Project, as well as the work of Rolf Witzsche (Ice-age-ahead-iaa.ca) for more details. A comprehensive youtube presentation is Thunderbolts of the Gods, https://youtu.be/5AUA7XS0TvA.