on 22 Feb 2015 3:32 PM
  • Spiritual Awakening

Are we powerless automatons in a world gone mad? Are we to helplessly watch as our foods get poisoned, our ecosystems destroyed, and our freedoms eroded despite our best efforts to foster understanding and change? Where do we find hope when the drums of doom beat relentlessly on our doorstep day after day and hour after hour, numbing our minds, clamping our hearts, and poisoning our bodies in a slow dance of death?


And what if we discover this same numbing madness within our own psyches?


I don’t have an answer to these questions from a normal perspective of reality. I have felt my own fears for the planet, my loved ones and myself. I have experienced deep hopelessness, grief and rage as the juggernauts of twisted progress thundered past my door, questioning how long I could retain my own sanity in the face of unrelenting madness.


These questions are not mine alone. And these questions have led me to deeply investigate the nature of reality, and to discover my own place as a human being in these times of profound change.


I have written elsewhere about long-term planetary cycles, geo-magnetic field reversals and quantum evolutionary leaps. Understanding what these cycles are about gave me a reference point in the midst of human madness and chaos, but I still felt there was more to go. Having a big picture perspective helped, and it provided me with a sense of destiny and hope. However, I still felt restless at times. Wasn’t there more I could do to change the world, or at least my response to the world, so I didn’t feel like a sheep, victim or stooge in someone else’s reality?


As I entered into the insights of advaita, or non-dual philosophy, and simultaneously began exploring the frontiers of quantum theory, I discovered that they are the same essential message, and that ultimately these insights were not simply a perspective on reality but a means for shifting reality in a way I had not imagined before.


Advaita begins with the realization that there is a field of conscious intelligence permeating all things, extending beyond time, space and material creation, and that this is our essential identity. Modern physics is slowly coming to the same understanding. Advaita proposes that all things are linked together in consciousness, and that consciousness is the substrate of all things. Quantum theory asserts that the building blocks of material creation are not physical atoms but quantum strings, which ultimately derive from a field of conscious intelligence existing beyond the structures of time and space.


All things are linked together in this field. There is the beautiful metaphor of Indra’s net, which states that the universe is a string of pearls in which every pearl reflects every other pearl, contains every other pearl, and ultimately is every other pearl. Physicists such as Nassim Haramein have begun to reflect this understanding through mathematical equations, asserting that the universe is intrinsically linked together through wormholes, and that every proton is a wormhole connecting to every other proton.


He asserts that this understanding is the key to a unified field theory, in which the physics of subatomic quantum realities can be ultimately harmonized with the physics of a macrocosmic world of stars, galaxies, frogs, elephants and human beings.


These equations are fascinating, as are the insights of advaita philosophy. Exciting however as the theories are, the implications for us as sparks of Universal Consciousness and citizens of Gaia are even more so.  For yes, we are infinitely beautiful and powerful creators of multidimensional reality incarnated in bodies of increasingly densified substance anchored within intricately interwoven dimensions of time and space... having forgotten this as we entered these bodies of matter.


It is the forgetfulness of this truth that keeps us trapped in victim consciousness, small ineffective automatons in a world gone mad.


Perhaps we can begin to remember now. We are conditioned to believe that the universe began with some kind of a cosmic big bang in which all known matter somehow suddenly came into existence from nothing. Through the mechanics of blind chance and given enough time, the first elements of inorganic matter were formed. Simple life forms came into existence, and then life continued to evolve through increasingly greater spirals of complexity until humans came along.


As part of this conditioning we have identified ourselves as human beings with a body, mind and evolving consciousness. We can trace our roots back to the beginning of time and count ourselves at the peak of the ladder of creation. We are slowly developing a nervous system capable of experiencing consciousness, capable of thinking, feeling and loving. And we are constantly struggling with animal instincts of survival, which pits us against nature, each other, and even God in a deadly game of roulette. Ultimately, we will either learn from our mistakes and learn to regulate our mad impulses, or go the way of the Neanderthals and extinguish ourselves from the face of the earth.


But what if this were only half the story? As matter continues to move upwards in the ladder of evolution, what if there is also an involutionary journey where Consciousness as an intelligent force is striving to experience itself ever more completely within the field of Maya, or Creation? And what if humans have achieved enough complexity within our nervous systems that we can now serve as a bridge between these two forces, embodied within creation yet existing beyond time and space, experiencing the limitations aof human existence while also awake to the truth of our infinite being?


As I identify with this involutionary process, I discover that who I AM is Infinite Consciousness. I step into the veils of Maya, and create a reflection of myself within the realms of the Mind. This Universal Mind contains all the archetypes necessary for creation to manifest and forms to appear. Using the mechanisms of evolution, I continue to move within matter, body, instinct, feeling, and the evolving functions of a rational mind. I awake to myself as a human being struggling to discover himself and his place in the universe.

And then I move past the limitations of this current human incarnation, and begin to discover aspects of myself that have been hidden up until now. Evolution and involution become one movement. The personal self and the universal self recognize themselves within each other. I discover that I can begin to perceive reality from a level of consciousness beyond the structures of the rational mind.


A higher level of the mind that is capable of subtler perception begins to assert itself. And I discover that I am not simply a created self but also a creator self, not simply acting and reacting from a collective matrix of conditioning but entering into the dance of creation with conscious intent. The divine self and the human self come together in the genesis of a new species of humanity, the divine human.


This new species that I find myself identified with now is not driven by instinctive urges of ownership, jealousy, competition and aggression. I function at a level of mind beyond the rational mind, where these relatively immature expressions of identity have been naturally transcended, where I find my greatest joy in releasing the limited identity of separate existence to discover the unity present within the heart of all things. I no longer experience the need to bend the universe to my every ego-based whim and desire, but find myself becoming a vehicle for the universe to reveal itself moment by moment in a grand loom of living perfection.


It is here that I discover my true power. As a divine human, I am capable of effecting change wherever I go and whatever I do, not by trying to make things happen, but by becoming a vehicle for a higher level of mind to work through. I do not perceive the world through the eyes of lack, fear, limitation, comparison or judgment, which are all functions of the rational mind. Instead I find that I perceive only perfection, and this perfection imprints itself into external reality.


I discover that there is no reality out there separate from my internal reality. I cannot be a sheep, victim or stooge in someone else’s reality, because reality is fluid and I AM no longer bound by the illusions of separation, duality and fear.


And as I perceive, so it is. And as enough of us awaken to this realization, our world changes collectively. And we find that what is real has always existed in the heart of creation, waiting for us to return home to ourselves and remember.


There is an ancient Indian legend about the 13th Sun, that in the fullness of time it would emerge from within the heart of matter and give birth to a new consciousness on Earth. Perhaps that time is Now, and this Awareness is the key.


 ‘Lead me from untruth to truth’, said the sages of old. ‘Lead me from darkness to light, from death to immortality.’