on 03 May 2016 4:14 PM
  • Magnetic Reversals and the Electric Universe

Many advanced souls have chosen to incarnate on this planet now, simply because these are the times when a massive transformation of planetary realities is at hand.


This transformation is directly linked with changes taking place in the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic fields of the earth are a template for consciousness, and reflect the long trajectory of biological evolution through million of years of earth’s history.


The earth is a complex biological entity, sometimes referred to as Gaia in honor of the Greek goddess of Earth. Like all forms of life, Gaia has her own cycles of expansion, contraction, involution and evolution.


Many scientists today have come to realize that the universe is a multidimensional field of electrical energies, constantly exchanging information with other galaxies, suns and planets, the physical body of which is simply an extension of the primal consciousness that permeates all things.


Our universe did not emerge out of nothing in one Big Bang, but is continually experiencing new waves of creation as primal consciousness expands out in evolutionary waves from the centers of galaxies.


These waves of evolution are conscious and intelligent, carrying within them the template of new creation, new seeds of life travelling out on cosmic waves of light throughout galactic, solar and planetary systems.


The ancient seers of India referred to these galactic waves as the outbreath of brahma, and understood that they passed through our solar and planetary system in regular and predictable cycles.


As scientists are discovering today, and as I have detailed in my book, Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift, these galactic waves correlate with long-range cycles of solar activity as well as with magnetic reversals upon earth.


A magnetic reversal refers to a periodic event when the overall magnetic field of the earth begins to weaken very quickly over a short period of time, followed by the poles flipping towards a new axis. As the new polarity establishes itself, the magnetic field strength gets recharged.


The periodicity of these interconnected cycles seems to follow the Milankovitch cycle of roughly 11,500 years. Many researchers are coming to recognize that it is these cycles that drive biological evolution on Gaia.


The most recent magnetic reversal on earth took place almost exactly 11,500 years ago, and observations from NASA, NOAA, ESA and other research facilities indicate that we are in the middle of another magnetic reversal right now.


Observations of earlier cycles of magnetic reversal indicate that, once started, the entire process of magnetic reversal could complete itself within a single human lifetime. The current cycle of reversal seems to have begun in the mid-1800s, starting rather gradually, and moving rapidly towards an exponential collapse, or zero point. Research indicates that the last phase of a magnetic reversal is generally a dramatic event, where the earth’s magnetic field disappears almost completely, followed either by a reversal, excursion, or a 90 degree phase shift.


This last phase of collapse is sometimes referred to in indigenous prophecies as the three days of darkness, and has been awaited by many cultures as a time of purification and transformation. Since the magnetic field of the earth is a template for the collective memories of Gaia, a collapse of these fields could portend a radical shift in the collective identity of Gaia, in which we as a human species would play a significant part.


The repolarization of these fields then would signify a re-set within Gaia’s evolutionary program. Indeed, according to some biologists and science researchers today, this is exactly how the evolution of species takes place. During times of magnetic reversal, Gaia experiences a quantum shift within her biological fields, whereby entire species go extinct and new species emerge.


This happens because the earth’s magnetic field serves as a shield against solar and cosmic radiation. When the shield is down we are susceptible to massive amounts of solar radiation and cosmic radioactivity, both of which are capable of drastically affecting biological life and climate patterns on earth.


Now, perhaps for the first time in Gaia’s history, there is a species of life on this planet that has become self-reflective, capable of taking the forces of evolution into our own hands, and driving it forward consciously. Our species serves as an intergalactic nervous system linking the vast network of life on this planet to endless fields of life across the physical and spiritual universes.


The mighty forces that drive evolution move through our human systems. They operate far beyond conscious levels of awareness, responding to a supramental field that is linked with deep levels of the collective human soul.


Thus, as the earth’s magnetic field collapses and reverses, immense waves of evolutionary energy move through our collective human matrix, inviting Gaia to move into the next phase of her evolutionary journey.


Solar and cosmic radiation moving through the earth’s atmosphere is capable of causing massive extinctions of species during this time due to biological mutation. But this same radioactivity is also capable of generating new biological life forms.


Our current human species, anchored within the matrix of separation and duality, could well be due for extinction. However, a new species, which the Mayas referred to as homo luminous, is emerging from within our current species. In this lies the hope for a new earth that has been predicted by so many shamans, mystics and seers for centuries past.


I have been researching these scenarios of magnetic reversal and evolutionary leaps for the past twenty years.  I have always felt that the shift of consciousness predicted by many during these times was directly linked with the collapse and re-orientation of earth’s magnetic field. The collapse of the earth’s magnetic field has been proceeding at exponential speeds over the past 150 years or so, and I have often wondered how many years or decades it would actually take for it to achieve a zero point in preparation for the reversal.


There was an event reported last Saturday, April 23, 2016, which made many of us take notice. It seemed that the magnetic field of the earth had collapsed completely for a period of two hours, and then regenerated. It turned out that the report was based on a glitch in a simulation program, not from NASA space satellites as claimed, and not true. If it had been true there would be no speculations on the internet. There would probably be no internet left to speculate over.


But it is interesting to me that this theme is close to human awareness at this time. The current field strength is about 80%. I don’t see such a collapse of the fields until we are down to at least 15 or 20%. But the question remains, at the current rapid and exponential rate of collapse, how far are we from this occurrence? How close are we to the prophesied three days of darkness?


Simultaneously with the weakening of the magnetic fields, the north and south poles of the earth have been shifting towards new positions, also at increasingly rapid speed. As they move relatively independently of each other they are moving towards a point of convergence somewhere in Indonesia. We are not sure if this will end up being the new north pole or the new south pole, but its opposite polarity appears to be emerging across the planet in the Caribbean, in the region of the Bermuda triangle. Thus rather than flipping 180 degrees all at once, the new magnetic axis will likely be at a 90 degree angle to the current polar axis, remaining there for some time before aligning with the original north-south axis.


What can we expect on earth during this time? In the absence of the magnetic shielding provided by these fields, we become susceptible to massive solar radiation as well as to cosmic radioactivity. What if there were an X-class solar flare during one of these periods of collapse, or even a relatively smaller M-class flare? What would happen to our satellites, power grids, and communication systems? What would happen to the sense of human identity that is normally anchored within our mental and emotional bodies? What happens to our perceptions of reality? Would our bodies survive the immense amounts of radiation and radioactivity raining down from the skies?


I do not have the answers to these questions, but I suspect there is an evolutionary crisis at hand. During the conception of human life, millions of sperm cells are released and move towards the egg, but only one or two eventually make it to their destination. But conception could not happen without the support of these millions of sperm cells. Are we in a similar phase of planetary conception, where billions of human beings have taken birth on this planet in order to prepare the species for the next stage of evolution?


The science of sacred geometry has shown us that 90 degree phase shifts are the key to traversing between dimensions of time and space, sometimes referred to as timelines. As the magnetic polarity of the earth re-orients towards a new polar axis at right angles to our current axis, it could open the doorway for a powerful shift for humanity and the earth.


What do these scenarios mean for us? Can we continue to live out our petty human lives alternating between violent upheavals and quiet desperation, or is there another biological imperative that is coming to the forefront now? We have come to a fork in the road, and don’t have much time to choose. What is being required of us in order to make this biological shift?


What will happen when the first signs of magnetic collapse take place? It is very likely that if this happens at the same time as a strong or even relatively moderate solar eruption, this could severely disrupt the earth’s power grids. Low orbit satellites would fry, while power lines and transformers around the world would fail, perhaps for a period of months or years. There could also be a significant warming of the oceans on the side facing the sun, leading to severe storms and hurricanes, as well as massive earthquake and volcanic activity. Any of these scenarios could significantly set back our current human civilization.


This is the downside of a magnetic collapse. Meanwhile, there is the incredible evolutionary potential that has prompted seven billion human souls to enter this incarnational cycle. How do we use this opportunity as a species? It could well be that many will use this time to complete their incarnational contracts, while others will use it as an unprecedented opportunity to make an evolutionary leap.


Researchers have noted an inverse relationship between magnetic field strength and the production of DMT within the pineal gland. As the magnetic fields of the earth weaken, the production of DMT is enhanced. This is the substance in the brain, sometimes called the ‘spirit molecule’, which allows us to transcend ordinary realities and experience multi-dimensional consciousness.


What if the entire species began to experience a DMT spike during the magnetic collapse and reversal? What does it take to consciously enter into the fields of matter and surrender to the evolutionary forces moving through us? Is the human species capable of making this shift, or are we too wounded and jaded from living at the edge of survival through so much of human history?


Like most quantum leaps, I suspect it takes only a few people initially to accomplish the genetic transformations required, and then, once complete, the rest can follow in future incarnational cycles. But those who choose this work, it will be a massive undertaking, and not necessarily easy or painless. Are we willing to offer our vehicles to this transformational work?


There comes a time when the caterpillar can no longer go about its existence munching on leaves and crawling along the ground. The old structures of life are collapsing all around us. Political systems are tottering, economic systems are failing, social structures are in upheaval, our bodies and personal lives are falling apart. 


Perhaps these old structures cannot be cosmetically fixed anymore. Perhaps it is our time now for entering the mysterious dark tunnel of a planetary birth, riding the evolutionary waves of new creation, and emerging as a human butterfly, the homo luminous.


“Man is a transitional being,” said the great mystic seer Sri Aurobindo more than a hundred years ago. “Evolution is not finished. As man emerged out of the animal, so out of man the superman emerges.


Perhaps this is why many of us have chosen to be here at this time.  A new age is at hand. The journey through the evolutionary marshes may be dark, difficult and unknown, but the map lies within our genes, and the way is joyous and sure.


“I saw them cross the twilight of an age,

The sun eyed children of a marvelous dawn

The massive barrier breakers of the world

The architects of immortality.

Into the fallen human sphere they came

Faces that wore the Immortal’s glory still.

Voices that communed still with the thoughts of God

Bodies made beautiful by the Spirit’s light.

Carrying the magic word, the mystic fire

Carrying the Dionysion cup of joy…”

- Sri Aurobindo, Savitri