on 21 May 2016 4:08 PM
  • Planetary Evolution

How many ways are there to kneel and kiss the earth, asks Rumi. Well, I can tell you. Its so many more ways than we ever imagined.

And how much can one man love a planet? So much that he disappears and only love remains.

So as I did my shamanic journey in the Black Sea region of Turkey yesterday I quickly entered the overmind realms, the archetypal region where gods and goddesses dwell, where Shiva meets Shakti in the form of Gaia, merging identities with one, then the other, then both simultaneously in a great dance of cosmic love.


And I found out why humans existed on this earth. We are the children of the earth, just like every other species here. But we are more. We are her companions in a great adventure, showing her mysteries she hasn’t known before. Each human adventure, each invention, every book written or movie made, even the dark agendas of the banksters and global mafia, bring her a certain understanding, or awareness, or an opportunity for compassion.


And then with those whose nervous systems are open to the Sky, she becomes a playmate, able to dance the universes with them, realize herself in the mirror of their own eternal face.


I felt all this yesterday, and even more. In deeply entering the archetypal worlds on the other side of creation, I became Shiva and invited her to play and dance and love and create with me. She became my beloved, and I became hers.


And then again, in the stillness before space and time, I was her father and she became my daughter, newly born into the swirling of new worlds. I gave her a sun so she would feel companionship, and then I took the form of the sun so she would feel safe. And I nurtured her through long eons teaching her who she was and what she could be.


But even this wasn’t all of it. Eventually it was time to break out of the mythic realms of the overmind, and to touch the earth with supramental power. I felt such a gratitude for the pioneers of this work, Aurobindo Ghose and Mirra Alfassa and Satprem, and offered this body as another vehicle for the great experiment of conscious unity. She was so eager, so grateful, and I felt myself explode in love. Walking barefoot in the forest trails I entered the realms of matter from a place where only primal consciousness existed, inviting matter to return in awareness back to her eternal face.


I went back over my ancestral lineage, releasing the weight of separation and the conditioning of limitation and fear. I felt my genetic structures opening to new input from the supramental worlds.


As Kiara then I lost my fear of standing out in the world. In the supramental form there is no separate self, so how could there be fear? I knew this body would be used to plant new seeds and watch them grow, meet other like-hearted people around the world as a wayshower and friend, write and publish best sellers, make a difference in the world. I stepped into a role I had been avoiding, becoming an elder and earth-friend, one who can counsel and guide because he has travelled that way before.


The doorway between the worlds is open. The rational mind finds its glory as it links with all the levels of the higher mind, and with the mind of the cells. This is homo luminous, and it won’t be long now before this new species walks the earth as wide-browed creators, lovers of creation, workers in the quarries of immortality.