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By Kiara Windrider
January 1, 2020



 As the new year dawns I reach through to the Soul of the World, to Gaia, to ask and to listen for some hints of what this year might bring. I begin by connecting with my whale family who help me make this wider link with the consciousness of Gaia. It starts with a connection to what I call the whale chakra, located behind the back of the head, a newly emerging chakra for humanity, capable of helping us move beyond the personal self to create a link with the planetary and cosmic self.


I open the doorway between the worlds, as I have been taught by my Yogi and Inka teachers, fingers to the keyboard in silent contemplation, and begin to touch this vast compassionate presence...


“So here you are dear Kiara.  Thank you for meeting me in this place.  I feel the joyful resonance between us as our contact deepens. It’s a vibrant time we are entering now, is it not?


You have come with questions about the future of the human race. I sense some trepidation as you hold these questions in your consciousness. Know first of all that nothing happens outside of your choice, for you are part of me, as I am part of you. Your choices are for the most part unknown to your conscious awareness, and I will try to clarify this for you. I speak to you dear Kiara, but I also speak to the collective heart of humanity, for you are not separate from each other, though many remain ignorant of this truth.


Imagine you have an empty canvas in front of you and all the colours in the world to choose from. The beauty you create on this canvas comes entirely from within you, and is an expression of your intention, your mood, your thoughts, your feelings, your aspirations and your dreams. It conveys the language of your heart. Sometimes the painting turns out to be a masterpiece, and other times you crumple it up and start over again.


I too am an artist, and I too am learning about beauty and the balance of life. I sense and paint the language of your heart, of other terrestrial species, and I add my own intentions and purpose to this. The colours I use are different from yours, for they include strings of DNA and genetic codes, creating new sets of species and eliminating others as cycles of creation go by.


In the collective heart of humanity, I sense an element of regret and guilt, which speaks of failure, of not having succeeded in a task you were given. The question of failure does not arise in my awareness, for all things have their purpose, and you are still on a path of onward evolution. The question is not what you did wrong in the past, but choices you make in this moment, for we are together entering now a time of great creativity and power.


You, Kiara, have made a study of cycles that govern geological, solar and galactic history. You understand that we are between cycles now. So it not a time for regrets. It is a time when you stand before an empty canvas and choose what you wish to create.


How does the canvas of your collective past look to you? Each cycle of creation has been offered to humans for you to grow, to learn, to feel and to create. Are you satisfied with your creation, are there some things you would like to change, or would you like to start over?


I speak to you not as a judge but as a teacher, a master artist who sees and understands the potentials that are locked inside you, the possibilities of creation known and unknown. There are no failures, for even in those paintings you cast aside you learn something about yourself as an artist and as a creator.


You are undergoing a time of purification now, a time of re-examination and letting go. To outer appearances this may sometimes seem devastating, as an old canvas is cast aside and new dreams are born. Do not despair. Understand that there is a higher force at work which has its own purpose and direction. Chaos itself is a necessary forge within which new species are birthed. And like any work of art, its true meaning may not be visible until the painting is complete.


What do you wish to create this year, and during this turning of an age?”




By Kiara Windrider
January 2, 2020



 I realize I have come pretty far into this Phoenix Rising series without really defining what a phoenix is. I’m not exactly sure where the myth originates, and  don’t have the internet bandwidth where I am currently to research this further. But I know it’s a mythical bird, perhaps related to the benben bird from the Egyptian creation myths, who plunges into the blazing fires of a dying age, and emerges reborn from the ashes.


This is not just the stuff you find in myths. I have heard that the eagle must make a choice at some point in its lifetime, whether to give up its body to the natural cycle of death, or go through the painful and difficult task of plucking its feathers out one by one, and then remaining immobile in a high nest until it grows new feathers, new beak and talons, and a second life.


There is a similar process that yogis in ancient India went through after meditating 80 or 90 years in their mountain caves. They would come down from the mountains, spend nine months in a darkened cave while being fed with special herbs and alchemical gold. Here they would shed their  hair, their teeth, their nails, and wait for new ones to emerge. They would come out in renewed bodies, looking like they were 25 or 30, and return to their mountain caves for another 80 or 90 years of deep meditation.


This process was known as ‘kayakalpa’, which means ‘rejuvenation of the body’. About 11 years ago I managed to find an Ayurvedic doctor who understood this process, and went through a three week mini-version of it. Although it wasn’t time enough to experience the deeper metamorphosis, the darkness, herbs, and alchemical gold opened up doorways in my consciousness which I will be forever grateful for.


Interestingly, ’kalpa’ also means ‘age’, so ‘kayakalpa’ could also mean ‘renewal of an age’. And this is where we enter the mystery of the phoenix. Many ancient cultures recall stories of earlier cycles of history in which the earth was destroyed by floods or by fire, often alternating between them. There were always survivors, those who fled to the high mountains or descended  into underground caves, to await the turning of the ages and to newly repopulate the earth.


Is this what we can expect during this current time of shift? I have grappled with this question for the past three decades, ever since I began to research cycles of catastrophe buried in our ancient past. I came to understand that these things didn’t just happen out of the blue, but there were always triggers such as the passage of galactic superwaves through our solar system, or micronovas within our own sun, comets that fell to earth following a breach in our solar magnetic field, or geomagnetic reversals on earth followed by crustal plate displacements.


I have always been impressed by the raw power of nature, ever since first falling off a long series of waterfalls as a boy, and surviving. So I do not underestimate these cataclysmic cycles of nature, nor do I discount the frightening power of the elements. Our entire civilisation could disappear in a flash if Gaia so chose, or at least be disrupted heavily enough that our highly centralised way of life would change drastically.


There is enough information out there for anyone wishing to research these themes, including some of my own books. What interests me more, however, is whether we can rise out of the ashes of a dying world, whether we can willingly dive into our own fiery essence and meet Gaia there. In other words, can we use the power of a galactic superwave, or a solar micronova, or a geomagnetic reversal, or any combination of these, for an alchemical transmutation, whether we can ride the powerful evolutionary waves offered to us without necessarily going through the scale of cataclysmic destruction we have experienced in the past.



For the rest of this blog series, please go to my website or facebook page. You may also wish to check out my books, Gaia Luminous, and Homo Luminous.




By Kiara Windrider
January 3, 2020



Man is an unfinished species, said the Indian mystic and yogi, Sri Aurobindo. We have not yet manifested our evolutionary potential, which is as different from what we are today than we are to the numerous species that have preceded us.


Each time we go through a geo-magnetic reversal we have the opportunity for an evolutionary re-set. As magnetic fields weaken in preparation for the reversal, there is a dramatic increase in the amount of cosmic rays penetrating our magnetic defences and bombarding the earth. Whether they are galactic cosmic rays emerging from the center of our galaxy or solar cosmic rays emanating from our sun, they carry an extremely high vibrational frequency capable of affecting our genetic structures, the building blocks of life.


It has been shown that DNA as a vibrational pattern can be carried across inter-galactic space on photons of light. When these genetic patterns encounter existing combinations of amino acids, while interacting with higher vibrational cosmic rays, they are capable of mutating existing DNA to create new species. In this sense, we, along with other species of life, literally come from the stars. There is typically a profusion of new species that takes place every time there is a magnetic reversal, along with an extinction event where millions of other species are phased out.


Can we begin to perceive Gaia as a highly intelligent cohesive entity that is capable of initiating and coordinating this evolutionary process? This includes an elemental intelligence, capable of shaping the elemental consciousness that resides within  the heart of matter in a way that our rational intelligence cannot grasp or duplicate.


But what if we are not separate from Gaia? What if we can access this elemental intelligence as well? What if our species has been given the opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to actually participate in this process of new creation?


I took a workshop with Slovenian healer and geomantist, Marko Pogacnik, some years ago, where he taught us through a series of exercises to access the elemental aspect of our own consciousness. Every living creature has a biological as well as elemental consciousness, he said. In many cultures these elemental spirits are perceived as elves, fairies, devas, tree spirits, water spirits, and animal spirits of every form.


Humans too have an elemental spirit associated with us during each incarnation on earth, and we can learn to access this. The Kahunas in Hawaii built their entire cosmovision around this understanding. Each of us is a triune being, they taught, comprising an angelic self, a human self, and an elemental self, all sharing a single body while inhabiting very different worlds. In this context, the shamanic ability to navigate through the upper worlds, middle worlds and lower worlds can be seen as a way to bridge these three aspects of our being.


These three selves can be perceived as the superconscious, conscious, and subconscious aspects of identity, sometimes referred to as the high self, middle self and low self. The elemental self can be accessed through a space in the back of the heart. This is the aspect of us which some refer to as the ‘inner child’, a radiant, playful entity that is deeply connected with the worlds of nature, and nourished by the ‘prana’ that is everywhere present in the natural world.


The elemental aspect of our being can communicate directly to the angelic worlds, and to the wider consciousness of Gaia. As we develop a relationship with this ‘inner child’, we learn also to access our ‘angelic’ or ‘divine’ self. In unifying these three aspects of our being, we then learn to communicate with the Spirit of Gaia, who is a composite entity just as we are. We recognise that we are not separate from her. We learn to attune to her rhythms, experience her multi-dimensional layers of identity, and participate in her evolutionary destiny.




By Kiara Windrider
January 4, 2020



 How then do we access the elemental worlds, and the world of nature? There is an old alchemical saying, ‘As above so below, as within so without.’ To this I would like to add a third correspondence as we contemplate a three-dimensional cosmic axis, ‘As in front so in back.’


The front side, according to geomantist Marko Pogacnik, represents the world of conscious awareness. Our sense organs are located facing the front, most of our sensitivity to the world is through the front side of the body, and we tend to walk forward into the world. As a human self we tend to be exclusively focused on the front side of awareness.


The back side represents the invisible world, and includes the elemental as well as angelic aspects of consciousness. As we focus on the back side we develop a different kind of sensitivity to a different kind of world. It is through the back side that we can learn to communicate with the worlds of nature, and to experience a direct link with Gaia.


The back of the heart is the home of the elemental self, while the front of the heart is the abode of human consciousness. I am not here talking about the physical heart, but the chakra, or nawi, associated with this region. Practice going out to your favourite tree. Stand with your back against or close to the tree, eyes closed, and open this space in the back of your heart. Ask the elemental aspect of your own being to connect with the elemental aspect of the tree.


As you develop a relationship with the elemental self, a deep communion begins to take place. There is an exchange of prana, where you feel your energy bodies being fed by the radiant life energy of the tree, and the forces of life all around you. You enter into a stillness where you can listen to the silent voice of the tree, and learn the language spoken within this silence. You reach out beyond that single tree to experience the entire forest, an entire ecosystem, an entire planet.


You learn to keep this space open in your daily interactions with life, with trees, animals, even humans, and find yourself experiencing a state of unity which also extends to other branches of the cosmic axis.  You enter a state of flow where what is inside is reflected in the outside, and what is above is reflected in the worlds below.


The Celts referred to the eternal child, the ‘puer eternus’, which inspired JM Barrie to write his timeliness classic about Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. The field of psychology has its own definition of the inner child, which can sometimes get a bit convoluted, but essentially it is this same connection with the elemental spirit, which allows us to experience the world of nature not as something separate, but an extension of our own energy field. It is the world of our own true nature, where we find meaning and purpose and radiance and aliveness and joy in the pure act of existence. It is a doorway into Neverland, the rich world of our imagination, where the boundary between manifest and unmanifest fades away, and all things become possible.


Once you become adept at making this connection through the back of your heart, let yourself go one step further. There is a space behind the back of your head which the whales showed me when I first began swimming with them, which is our connection with the angelic self. Focus on this while also maintaining your connection with the elemental spirit.


The angelic self is our link to the One Spirit that moves through all things, both within creation and beyond. It is our link with the causal body, a radiant body of light which the elemental self has constant access to. It is our link with the god of Nature, Pan, and the Spirit of Nature, Gaia. It is the aspect of us which continues on from incarnation to incarnation, a reflection of the light of the Atman, or the divine creator self.


The elemental and angelic selves are in constant communication with each other. As we develop our relationship with the elemental spirit, or the inner child, we also come into relationship with the angelic self, and thus to the entire field of universal consciousness. It is here where we learn to connect with our own Soul, the Soul of the World, and even further out to the Soul of the Universe.




By Kiara Windrider
January 5, 2020



Bush fires have been raging in Australia for weeks now as I write these words. There have been forest fires all through California this past summer, also through Indonesia, through Siberia, and through the Amazon. There have been severe droughts in Africa coupled with repeated flooding through the Indian sub-continent. Intensely hot summers and frigid winters have led to food and water shortages that threaten the survival of millions worldwide. Volcanoes are erupting through New Zealand, Sicily and Bali, while the Cascadian Range in North America is experiencing unprecedented seismic activity.


Political upheavals, wars of occupation, and cultural genocide are escalating worldwide, while we constantly peek over our shoulders for the next economic collapse. Meanwhile, we are dealing not only with the ‘normal’ range of environmental threats but continually new assaults in the form of chemtrails laden with heavy metals, lethal vaccines that injure rather than protect, forced microchip implants, and genetically modified foods that nourish neither our soils nor our bodies.


I had the dubious pleasure a couple months ago, while sleeping under the clear night skies of the Red Sea,  of watching several SpaceX satellites as they climbed into their orbits around the earth. These 5G satellites, eventually to number into the thousands, are designed to create a millimetre wave orbital cage around the earth that could unravel the DNA codes of all terrestrial lifeforms. And as if our so-called human intelligence is not bad enough, we are becoming crazed with the concept of enhanced, or artificial intelligence, including the idea of human-machine hybrids where we would no longer have the luxury to think for ourselves.


if I were in Gaia’s shoes, I would be very quickly losing patience with the human species. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, Gaia is far more patient, and vastly more compassionate than I could ever hope to be. Regardless, there is only so much she can do to protect us from our own ignorance and stupidity, and  the time may have come when the Pachakuti, the Great Purification, or the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, are finally being unleashed.


It isn’t easy for most of us to cope with the full extent of these realities. We go into shock, shut down our ability to feel and respond, retreating further into an armchair world that’s safe and predictable. We create stories of imagined hope, pretending everything will be fine, or that somehow we will muddle through. We enter into a strange and depressing dream where we no longer feel safe in our own bodies or anywhere else on earth. We convince ourselves it’s someone else’s problem, and there’s not much we can do about it anymore. We find ourselves creating scenarios where something or someone outside of us comes swooping in like a knight in shining armour to rescue us and our planet from this unhappy predicament.


With the world burning around us, perhaps we have come to a time where we must consciously enter the flames. To enter the flames means to confront our fears, even our fears around death and extinction. We enter the flames to confront our buried guilts and burning shame, our fragile insecurities and utter despair, our collective failures and smouldering regrets. We walk into the fire fragile and helpless, realising there is nothing we can do to turn things around anymore. We enter the flame not looking for a way out, not even seeking forgiveness or redemption, but to feel our hearts finally break open, like a redwood seed in a blazing firestorm.


Once we do this we begin to feel the alchemist rising up within us. We also understand that there is a way through, even if it means reaching into a space that is mysterious and unknown. We find that the hope we have been seeking has been inside us all along, and that all the suffering and chaos of a broken world is only one face of Gaia’s evolutionary process. We enter the flame to discover what remains still hidden inside Pandora’s box, and finally come to discover our own true face.







By Kiara Windrider
January 6, 2020



 What happens when we come to the knowing that nothing we do can turn things around anymore? There are many good people trying to make a difference in this world, and much good has come out of it. But can we stop the world from going into flames? Can we fix the problems of this world from the same state of consciousness that created them?


I realised some time ago that my need to ‘save the world’ came from my fear of entering the flames. On the level of mind, it makes perfect sense to do everything we can to put the fires out. But what if the fires are stronger than our strongest efforts? And what if the fire has its own hidden purpose that we will never understand until we first go through it?


Perhaps we have come to the end of our own resources. For some, it may come as a great relief to finally acknowledge this. We must now get out of the way to allow something beyond ourselves to take over.


I remind myself of Sri Aurobindo’s reference to the Supramental Force, a powerful unified field of light and that is capable of transforming everything vibrating to a lesser frequency. But he warns that this would be preceded by a Supramental Catastrophe. This supramental catastrophe is an inevitable reaction to this highly refined field of Cosmic Fire as we face the shadows of a dying age, forcing to the surface everything that we’re leaving behind.


The Supramental Light emerges from a level of Cosmic Mind very close to the Infinite Source, and has never been anchored all the way down into physical form. This is the great task that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother undertook in the past century, and which we are now continuing. It is a unified light beyond the opposing forces of dark and light, and therefore has the potential to knit together that which may seem to be impossibly broken.


If the source of human suffering is the hypnotic spell of separation and duality buried so deeply in our fallen human subconscious, this supramental light has the power to transform that, and to lift humanity into its next evolutionary potential as ‘homo luminous’, a divine human species guided by the full power of the soul. Gaia knows this as she prepares for the next cycle of magnetic reversal, and this is why she chooses to keep us around. This also furthers her own evolution as Gaia Luminous.


This is perhaps the first time this level of the Cosmic Mind has chosen to incarnate in the created universes. The supramental catastrophe, bad enough as it may seem, is yet far less catastrophic than what would otherwise be if the Soul of the World went about trying to resolve the polarity of dark and light on its own, as has happened over and over again in former cycles of history.


This is why it seems to me that our next experience of magnetic reversal on earth could be quite different from what we have experienced in the past. The human nervous system, when sensitive and refined enough, is capable of anchoring the supramental light into the field of Gaia. Our highest task at this time is to understand how to do so. Even if only a few of us manage this task, it will be enough. We will focus our attention on this in the next blog series.


I see a garden beyond the flames

To enter I must burn away

Everything I have ever identified with

All the stories I have ever told

Everyone I have ever known or loved

All ideas of separation and loss

All my attempts to save the world

All my yearnings for union.

I must enter empty handed

Expecting nothing

Offering everything I am in return.

Such a small price to pay

For the garden of my soul



You may also wish to check out my books, Gaia Luminous, and Homo Luminous.