on 23 Feb 2016 3:19 PM
  • Spiritual Awakening

Sri Aurobindo before his death spoke about the manifestation of the supramental consciousness on earth. He said it would take about 300 years until this force would be incarnated into the body of the earth, releasing in the process a great resistance held within the cells of our own bodies. This resistance, or maya, has held us trapped in a powerful matrix of duality where we have separated mind from heart, spirit from body, human from divine, and lost ourselves in a cycle of insecurity, violence, despair and fear.


He succeeded in bringing the supramental force into his own body to a certain extent, and transferred this force to the Mother upon his own passing in 1950. The Mother then continued this work of supramental descent until in 1956 she announced that the pathway was open so that this unifying force could now incarnate like a seed within the collective consciousness of humanity.


We are not talking merely about a spiritual awakening for humanity but a species transformation. It is a biological shift in the morphogenetic fields of our cellular DNA that defines the next human species, moving us inevitably to a stage of human evolution as different from our current species as we are to the evolution that preceded us.


The Mother continued this work until her death in 1973. She had not actually intended that this work would stop, but had hoped to continue the work on a cellular level even beyond the appearance of death. She wished simply that her body would be protected during the weeks or months it might take to complete the process. This she had confided to Satprem who was her close confidante and chronicler for the last 23 years of her life. Unfortunately, in the political climate of the ashram at that time, Satprem was barred from visiting the Mother during those last six months of her life, and the ones who were responsible for her well being chose to over-ride her wishes and put her body into the ground the moment she appeared to have passed away.


It was made publicly known that the work of supramental descent had been postponed, and would be continued at another time.


We must understand that this work of supramental descent is a conscious act of entering the programming of our cells, down to the DNA of our human genetics, and gradually, step by step, allowing these codes to be re-written. It has nothing to do with the rational mind, emotions or instincts, all of which are products of a past evolution. As the supramental descent takes place it pushes up to the surface all the resistance held within morphogenetic fields of the


 past history of the human race, all the patterns of violence, aggression, greed, insecurity and fear. Thus it is no simple matter to incarnate the supramental consciousness. An entirely new foundation needs to be built up from the ruins of the old. The descent is necessarily accompanied by all the symptoms of our collective human resistance and suffering as it emerges into conscious awareness in order to be released.


Thus the announcement made about the supramental descent being postponed came from this unconscious internalized resistance, an attempt to slow down the unravelling process, perhaps an attempt to ease the pain of too quick a transformation.


But this was only a surface truth. What few people are aware of is that the work did not stop with the Mother’s passing. In an act of great determination and courage, Satprem came to the realization that it was his task to continue the Mother’s work in his own body. Just as Sri Aurobindo had transferred his supramentalized awareness to the Mother, she managed to occultly transfer her own supramental force to Satprem, who then continued the work from 1982 right up to his death in 2007.


Satprem had recorded all his conversations with the Mother over the 23 years they had been together. She had chosen him and prepared him not simply to record her own experiences of divine materialization but to accomplish something else he had not foreseen. These conversations were transcribed and became the basis for the 13 volumes of The Agenda. They also became the basis of this work being continued within his own body, as chronicled in the yet unpublished 24 volume series, Notebooks of an Acopalypse (see flammedalterite.wordpress.com).


One of the team of people involved in the translation and publishing of these notebooks, Diksha, was describing to me some of the concrete aspects of this supramentalization process. About six months before the Mother left her body she had managed to program her cellular consciousness so that it did not require food in order to survive. As Satprem began his own journey of conscious cellular mutation he soon arrived at this same realization. This was eventually followed by even deeper genetic adaptations such as each cell being able to exchange prana and oxygen directly with its environment, rather than through the lungs. As the supramental light continued to press downwards its luminosity began transform the stem cells and skeletal structures within his body.


Two months before he died in 2007 Satprem wrote to Kireet Joshi saying that the great doorway, which the ancient Vedas refer to as mahaspara, was now open, and that the possibility of deathlessness now existed as a distinct morphogenetic possibility within the human species.


Creating a morphogenetic field is like seeding a new possibility within a genetic pool. The nature of these fields is that once initiated it makes it possible for other people to follow. Like the story of the hundredth monkey it is becoming easier and easier now for more and more people to accomplish the same cellular mutations until, when the moment is right, these new capabilities become manifest in the entire species.


It seems to me that Satprem has played a role just as important as Sri Aurobindo or the Mother’s in taking forward this work of supramental transformation. I am greatly comforted to know this. Perhaps it is not going to take two or three hundred years after all for a supramental species to be manifested. As I study world events today it seems to me that this great work is continuing to accelerate ever more strongly. It may be only a matter of years or decades now until a divine human species breaks itself loose from the worn out shell of a dying age.


On 29 February this year it will be 60 years since the supramental descent of 1956. Meanwhile, we are placed in a situation where not only a global financial collapse but also the possibility of a third and final world war seems imminent. The asuric forces are rampant out in the world. But do these forces have a reality of their own, or they simply a response to this supramental force as it presses upon human consciousness? The nature of evolutionary leaps is such that they only take place when the old order has become sufficiently destabilized. The asuric forces have been divinely ordained to create this destabilization. Just as it seems that we will inevitably sink into collapse and destruction, the evolutionary spark will be ignited, and a collective event will become possible.


There are those who will feel called to continue this avataric work within their own bodies until it is done. And when it is complete we shall rise up as sun eyed children of the new dawn, architects of immortality, striking one mighty blow upon the golden doors of a new earth, pioneering a new species of humanity into existence.