on 25 Feb 2015 3:28 PM
  • Spiritual Awakening

We have evolved in bodies of matter, spirit rising upwards through a hidden force within nature, developed organs of life and perception, human beings with a nervous system capable of reaching beyond the limits of mind and reason to touch the great unknown.


And we are this great unknown, a primal consciousness pervading all things and extending beyond all things, constantly projecting ourselves in and out of physical creation through wormholes of time and space.


We are creation as well as creator. As creation we tend to identify with bodies of matter. We perceive ourselves as human beings with bodies, minds, emotions and senses, tied to a collective past and continually evolving towards new biological possibilities.


As creator, we exist in a realm untouched by time, history, space or matter, unborn and undying, externalizing as material creation in the beautiful cosmic dance of maya.


Our task as humans is to walk between these two worlds, entering consciously into a vortex where evolution and involution come together as one movement, where creator meets its reflection within creation, and creation wakes up to its potential as creator.


To understand creation we must first contemplate the mechanics of space and time. If the universe started as a big bang, what existed before this? What existed before time itself? And did space exist beyond the cosmic bang? Physicists have long pondered this puzzle and come no closer to understanding this paradox. How come the laws of physics start falling apart the closer we get to this elusive big bang? And how come the equations of quantum reality are so completely differently from the equations of macrocosmic reality?


Scientists such as Nassim Haramein have tried to reconcile these equations by postulating that on a subatomic level each proton is a wormhole connected to every other proton. Other scientists have declared that the only way to harmonize quantum physics with macrocosmic realities is by recognizing that our universe has no beginning and no end. Perhaps both these intuitions are a dark glimpse into the fact that matter does not exist on its own, but is knit within a fabric of primal consciousness that is much more subtle. Within this field of consciousness the substance we identify as matter and energy has always existed and will always exist, visibly or invisibly, even as suns are born and die or universes awake and fall asleep.


We tend to create a dichotomy in our minds in which spirit is eternal and matter is temporal. What if this assumption were false? What if we only experience matter as temporal and limited because our organs of perception are themselves temporal and limited? What if they both exist equally within consciousness?


Because we tend to identify ourselves with the body, the death of our body in any given incarnation seems to be the end of consciousness. We project this understanding upon the universe, and assume that the material universe also has an end. As our bodies dissolve so the universe must dissolve. As bodies are born so universes are born.


But what if there are not two fixed polarities of matter and spirit but one essential reality appearing as two? What if creator and creation are not two distinct things but one holographic entity within the fabric of consciousness? What if who we are is one vibrational essence that flows through the stars and through the trees and through these human bodies and every subatomic string of quantum existence?


Scientists have shown that the same light that behaves as waves while travelling through interstellar space starts behaving as particles in the presence of an observer. What is it about our mind that creates this observation? Could it be that our human minds are structured in such a way as to literally create an illusion of reality that appears as the world around us, a holographic projector creating a 3D movie?


Our minds are currently structured so that we appear to be separate from each other in terms of space, and move forwards in terms of time. But what if we are on an evolutionary pathway where the structure and function of our mind is itself changing to perceive things in terms of unity rather than separation, timelessness rather than time?


Would the laws of physics function differently then? Would we perceive reality in a different way? Would we interact with the world differently? Is it possible that the world out there appears to be what it is only because the collective mind perceives it so? If so, would upgrading the hardware of the mind alter the shape of the world out there?


This, I believe, is the next frontier of human consciousness. As we become conscious of our own consciousness, evolution and involution become a single movement within life’s journey. We are making a collective shift from a mental perception of reality based in separation and duality to a supra-mental perception of reality rooted in a unified quantum identity.


Some time ago I began practicing a form of meditation that focuses on flows of sensation and energy pathways within the body. I also began a deep study of the advaita traditions of non-duality, while examining the work of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, two mystics who held that there was a new light ‘descending’ into the heart of matter, revealing itself within the mind of the cells.


As I gradually began to perceive this truth within my own being I began to experience states of mind where the skin boundaries dissolved and my experience of self expanded through vibrational resonance to everything around. It also became possible to enter deeply into any given cell and experience an entire universe within. The boundary between inner and outer, above and below started to get blurry. I became aware of a subtle vibrational current that connected all things, a current that was the substrate of all matter and creation, but was itself timeless and spaceless. Rather than being an impersonal void, this current was alive with presence, and this presence was the universal self that knows itself at the source of all life.


And this current existed as the spirit within all things regardless of whether I was aware of this or not, whether I categorized it as alive or inert, large or small, visible or invisible. This presence externalized as strings within string theory, or quanta within quantum theory. It projected itself as matter or energy within a framework of time and space, while remaining unchanged and untouched at the heart of all things.


This presence is the evolutionary force latent within matter while at the same time that which involutes or presses down upon matter. It is the same intelligence that spins the galaxies and inspires a lonely wanderer to reflect on the stars at night. It is the intelligence that orchestrates the planetary web of life, and nudges us to remember that we are not alone. It is the intelligence that interacts with the higher mind of Gaia to produce a new species of humanity with minds and hearts wide open to this rhythmic dance of creation, arising from eternity and dissolving back into infinity in each moment of existence.


This is the presence I AM, which seems to condense itself in a bodymind complex I have learned to refer to as me. And yes, this body is me, but it is not who I AM, this human personality is me, but it is not who I AM. For I stand alone as I AM, yet have embarked on a journey to incarnate more deeply into this human form than ever before, and to change the very definition of humanness; to enter more deeply into the body of the earth than ever before, and change the very face of the earth.