on 24 Feb 2016 3:16 PM
  • Sociopolitical Perspectives

It is all too often now that the nations of this world have been justifying the invasion of yet another sovereign nation based on scenarios and opinions carefully orchestrated by a deceptive media campaign.


Propaganda wars are not new. In fact most of them seem to follow the same old tired game plan that continues to succeed simply because people have become either too lazy, too complacent, or too fearful to think for themselves. Typically there is first a false flag event which gets blamed on the intended target, justifying why an evil leader or nation poses a threat to the civilized world and must be removed, and then once people have been brainwashed enough to condone it, there is the actual act of military invasion.


The current conflict in Syria is a case in point. The Western media is full of stories about the Syrian ‘dictator’ Bashar al Assad and how he has massacred millions of ‘his own people’ and therefore deserves to be ousted. So then of course, it is left to the United States and its allies to charge into action and do whatever is necessary to remove him from power.


This activity is rather euphemistically known as regime change. It happened in Libya with Muammar Qaddafi. It happened in Iraq with Saddam Hussein. It’s happened in Afghanistan and Somalia and Palestine in recent years, and its happened all over Latin America and much of Asia and Africa in decades past.


But what’s really going on here? Are some of these so-called dictators really as bad as they are made out to be? Or is their real crime just that they happen to stand in the way of an aggressive hidden hand? How about the puppets they are replaced with? More importantly, who are the puppeteers who pull the strings, the real psychopaths and terrorists?  Over decades of observation I have seen a single recurring pattern at work every time a nation is invaded for the purposes of regime change. Weapons of mass distraction are first aimed at denouncing and demonizing a nation or its leader, usually based on false propaganda, followed by removing this leader from power and installing a puppet who is more amenable to whatever agendas are hidden under the table, all in the name of democracy and freedom. We have become very good at this. And like the events of an ill-fated day when the twin towers of New York were brought down, few bother to question what is truly going on behind the media screen and why.


Who dangles the strings? Is it a coincidence that these puppeteers are the very same people who own the mainstream media and get away time and time again with lies in the name of truth, butchery in the name of protection, and slavery in the name of freedom? People around the world have become so conditioned by the propaganda war that the very use of the word terrorist, communist, dictator or jihadist evokes the necessary justification for ‘sending in the cavalry’. And like the ‘Indian’ massacres of centuries gone by, an entire nation with its history and culture is decimated forever with no questions ever being asked. 


And then there are those proxy wars where a nation may not invade directly but creates militant groups to go fight the ‘bad guys’ who usually end up being infinitely worse than those they are hired to fight against.  The CIA created the Taliban to fight the Russians in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda to fight Qaddafi in Libya. The CIA/Mossad/Wahabis created ISIS in order to overthrow Assad. And when the tide turns and these mercenary terrorist armies are revealed to be rogue characters on the world stage, the same nations that created them, funded them, trained them, and armed them put on a great show of shock, surprise and outrage when vast millions of Syrians are consequently massacred, terrorized or displaced from their homes and homelands.


Isn’t it interesting that the only ones in Syria who have truly been successful in countering ISIS have been the Russians, who have a military pact to support the legitimate government of Syria? Why is Russia, along with Assad’s forces and the Kurds, managing to dismantle ISIS in a matter of months when after two years of involvement in Syria the US has only succeeded in multiplying their sphere of influence and creating a huge humanitarian crisis? If the US and its allies truly wanted to get rid of ISIS why have they been obstructing Russia every step of the way? If ISIS (along with the Free Syrian Army and Al Nusrah) was created to get rid of Assad, and continues to be covertly funded by the US and its allies, should it surprise anyone why this proxy invasion has resulted in a massive civil war? And why the US campaign against ISIS has proven to be a campaign of smoke and mirrors?


Having said all this lets go on to the real reason why Assad is considered so evil.  The US agenda to get rid of Assad (and the subsequent creation of ISIS) was formed in 2011 when Assad chose NOT to allow a pipeline to run through his country that would have benefited Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their Western allies (primarily the US) at the detriment of his own economy. Likewise, the decision to invade Iraq was made long before the events of 9-11 because Saddam had decided to no longer trade oil in petrodollars but in euros, which would have set a ‘dangerous’ precedent for that region. And how many people are aware that the real reason Libya was invaded and Qaddafi dragged through the streets to his death was because he too wished to get off the dollar standard and create a gold backed pan-African currency that would have allowed Africa to get free from the stifling yoke of the IMF?


How many people are aware that the so-called ‘axis of evil’ touted by George Bush includes precisely those nations who wished to become independent of the global hegemony created by the Rothschild controlled World Bank and its fractional reserve lending system? All these nations have fallen now, with the exception of Syria, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.


The excuses were always just that, a pretext for foreign invasions. Foreign invasions, whether covert or overt, do not happen for the reasons given to an unsuspecting public. Of course I cannot directly tell people that what I really want is to plunder land that belongs to somebody else or that what I really wish is to secure oil, uranium, military bases or financial control.  So I will manufacture a crisis, create a cast of good guys and bad guys, demonize the bad guys, and then under the pretext of saving the world from these bad guys, go out and invade this nation so I can get exactly what I want with the rest of the world watching and applauding.  And to hell with whatever mess or ‘collateral damage’ I happen to leave behind.


Where were the weapons of mass destruction to be found after the invasion of Iraq had accomplished its purpose? Who came up with the idea of chemical weapons and barrel bombs in Libya and Syria? Where are the nukes in Iran? Does anyone in the Western world choose to actually listen to these demonized leaders and see what their side of the story is? And what are conditions like for ordinary people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya after the so-called wars of liberation have been fought? How many men women and children have been massacred as cannon fodder? How many thousands of babies continue to be born deformed as a result of depleted uranium shelling? Why has it been necessary for so many millions of civilians to flee from Syria? Libya under Qaddafi was one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. Today it is in total shambles. Why isn’t all this thoroughly examined in the Western mainstream media? The same scenario has been enacted in Latin America, Africa, Vietnam and scores of countries around the world.


Meanwhile Saudi Arabia, who has committed more beheadings than ISIS and sports the worst violations of women’s rights amongst any of the Arab nations is a staunch ally of NATO and the US. So is Israel who has been repeatedly condemned by the UN for its atrocities against the Palestinian people. And so is President Erdogan of Turkey who has consistently launched brutal attacks against Kurds both within his own borders and across the border into Syria, as well as upon journalists, peace groups, and military generals who dare to protest. These nations are amongst those dangerously poised in Syria right now to launch a ground attack that could easily flare up into a global nuclear war.


I do not condone violence in any of its forms nor do I wish to take sides. I am not implying here that Hussein, Qaddafi or Assad were blameless. There have doubtless been great acts of cruelty, deception and despotism on all sides. I do however notice that these accusations and deliberate attempts for demonization usually cover up a very different agenda on the part of those who are vociferously pointing fingers. What agendas are being served, and who ultimately benefits from the destruction and massive chaos generated once the pretext for an invasion has been established?


This is not a tirade against the US either. It would be a mistake to say that any one country or set of countries is responsible for these threats to sovereignty and freedom. The true culprits are not nations but an elite band of powerful corporations, family lineages, and banking structures that ultimately determine geopolitical maneuvers and economic policies worldwide. Some refer to this hidden hand controlling the strings as the Cabal or the Shadow Government or the Illuminati or more fancifully, the Zionist Khazarian Mafia, whose goal is to establish global domination and total financial control. This is not some nutcase ‘conspiracy theory’. We are talking about a very real and ugly fascist agenda which is grinding its way towards a predictable and devastating outcome. Ordinary people in the US, UK and Europe are as much victims of this hidden hand as anyone else. Civil liberties are being increasingly curtailed, the war on terror continues to escalate, and economic conditions around the world have been brought to the verge of collapse, all deliberately engineered in order to create a state of global panic so that new laws restricting individual and national freedoms can be enacted. The Homeland Security Act, the Monsanto Protection Bill and the Trans Pacific Partnership are resounding examples of this.


If the Illuminati agenda proves to be successful we will inevitably enter into a new world order of nightmarish proportions that George Orwell himself could not have foreseen. On my part, I do not think this plan will ultimately succeed, and I see many signs on the horizon that the power of the Cabal is starting to decline. There is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, for instance, challenging the hegemony of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. There is Vladmir Putin of Russia, who is very much aware of the New World Order agenda and determined to put an end to it by informing the world community about this as well as keeping a cool head and taking preventive steps militarily. There is dissent within the ranks of the Cabal as well. And what Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi could not accomplish for their respective countries is being accomplished now by the BRICS alliance, who are calling for a smooth transition of the collapsing global economy towards an equitable gold backed system that would put an end to the fractional reserve system of lending that has led to so much injustice, violence and aggression around the world.


Above all, the reason I do not think the New World Order agenda will ultimately succeed is the growing number of people around the planet who are choosing to walk with their hearts and eyes open, holding a vision of freedom and sovereignty for all beings on earth, and daring to seek and speak the truth no matter what. A new light is shining in the world, a light shining through the darkness of long ages. As this new age of light dawns I do believe we will create a lasting basis for peace on earth.



For those who wish to follow up on some of these themes, please refer to the documentary movie ‘Thrive’. Please also investigate the work of Paul Craig Roberts, Noam Chomsky, John Perkins, Jeff Berwick, Ken O’Keefe and Benjamin Fulford. You will also find innumerable references to the above themes on youtube channels such as AMTV, Next News Network, We are Change, Ron Paul Liberty Report, RT, World Alternative Media, Forbidden Truth, and many more.