on 27 Oct 2016 3:59 PM
  • Sociopolitical Perspectives

Some people have read my recent posts and assumed I am excusing Trump for his biased stances and hateful behaviors, his adolescent personality and badass attitudes. What about his demeaning statements towards women and minorities? What about his narcissistic, bullying arrogance? Why hasn’t he declared his income taxes?


No, I do not condone these behaviors and attitudes, but I no longer see this as the ultimate issue. Let’s broaden our perspectives to go beyond black and white positions.  Trump’s lewd locker room gropes and comments have no resemblance to Bill Clinton’s rapes and sexual predation. His avoidance of taxes cannot compare to the criminality of the Clinton Foundation. Where Hillary calls for war against Russia, Trump advocates co-operation and diplomacy. Where Hillary wishes to continue US hegemony in the Middle East at the behest of her neocon handlers, Trump wants to pull back US troops and focus on fixing the domestic scene. Where Hillary has become a voice for Wall Street, Trump is calling on people ‘to make America great again’ by taking back the constitution and throwing out corruption in Washington. Where Hillary has chosen to advocate the TPP and other trade deals that benefit corporations and big business, Trump advocates bringing jobs back to the people.


I may not appreciate a lot of things about Trump, but these are things I can get behind.


These are pivotal times for the USA and for the planet. It is a time where more people desire peace than ever before, where more are becoming aware of dire environmental realities than ever before, and where more people are waking up to how a small group of shadowy characters behind the scenes has been attempting to take over and control the world.


So it is imperative for me to look behind the curtain, examine hidden agendas that are not reported in the mainstream American media, and make choices based on what’s good for the planet as a whole. Granted, I would love to see Jill Stein as President, and would personally give her my vote any day of the week. But if we are forced to make a choice between the two primary candidates, I do see Trump as the saner alternative. Please take a look at this short, very powerful speech: https://youtu.be/mX19dy5_08o


I never thought I would be saying this. Like many people around the world, I have been scared and turned off by many of Trump’s statements and behaviors, and wondered often what he reflects in the dark American psyche, or even the collective human psyche. But misinformed as he may be in some ways, and crude as some of his statements have been, I also see in him a defender for the people in much the same way that Bernie Sanders was. Perhaps it takes someone of his abrasive and belligerent personality to take on the monsters that have been buried in the political closets of Washington.


Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, seems to be very much in bed with Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, and the banking cartels.  While publicly pretending to be the voice of the people, she has given her allegiance to everything that Bernie Sanders stood against.


The Clinton Foundation has become an undercover pipeline for instigating and funding numerous and dangerous wars in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. As Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and many whistleblowers are now revealing publicly, it is the Clinton Foundation that has funded many terrorist organizations around the world, including Al Nusrah and ISIS, often as an outcome of secretive deals made with other imperialist nations in the Middle East. This is more than adolescent personality and badass attitude; this is ugly, dangerous, and treasonous.


 I become suspicious when the dynasties controlling the global banking systems, known for promoting absolute financial and political domination, and for fueling wars of terror around the world, come out in open support of her financially and through the mainstream media. I become worried when as Secretary of State she habitually resorts to force rather than diplomacy in international affairs. I become incensed when these same banking cartels that control one of the largest military complexes in the world invade other countries and install puppet regimes in the name of freedom and democracy. It’s bad enough going after small countries like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Ukraine and Syria, which don’t have the resources to fight back. But when Hillary proclaims her willingness to engage in first-strike military attacks on Russia, China and Iran, who are now choosing to stand together in order to resist US hegemony in Syria and elsewhere, I get more than worried, I become frightened.


Perhaps we should all be feeling a little frightened right now. Are we willing to disengage from the soap operas being dangled in front of our eyes, get back stage, and see what is really going on in the hard game of global politics? Do we see how close we have come to becoming a fascist police state? Or how close we have come to a third world war and nuclear extinction? Can we see that what is at stake here is more than foolish barbs slung back and forth in national debates, but ultimately the survival of humanity and the earth?


For the increasing number of people who are willing to do this, let us not be drawn into petty arguments about tax evasion and bawdy sexist comments. Let us look behind the curtain instead and carefully examine the globalist and fascist agendas that the New World Order represents, and who their presidential mouthpiece might be. We do not have much time left. If we wish to preserve what remaining rights we still have as sovereign people, this is the opportunity we are given.


I personally would still vote for Jill Stein, because I hear more truth spoken by her than I ever have from any politician. But for those who feel they have to choose between the lesser of two evils, however rigged the elections might be, I am suggesting that perhaps this may not be Hillary after all. And I am inviting us to look at the big picture and keep our eyes open.


The mainstream media tends to ridicule big picture thinking, referring to this as ‘conspiracy theory’. But to ridicule something doesn’t necessarily make it untrue. For those of you willing to go backstage, there is much good information out there from extremely reputable people, and perhaps the following video interview with Dr Paul Craig Roberts, https://youtu.be/zDnZ_i0mIUQ, or this one with Andy Hoffman, https://youtu.be/J7eVlOqawW8, might be good places to begin.