on 04 Nov 2016 2:56 PM
  • Sociopolitical Perspectives

I have a keen interest in many arenas of life, ranging from astrophysics to ancient history to deep psychology to geopolitics to metaphysics to systems theory to climate change to evolutionary biology to a deep passionate desire to help create a better world for us all.


I tend to be a synthesizer. I find that the more I learn about any one field the more it opens me up to understanding the big picture, and this provides me with unfolding perspectives to reflect on our place as tiny humans in this vast universe.


 In the past weeks leading up to the US elections I have tended to focus my attention on the political front, recognizing that the political agendas of the united states have always had a direct and disproportionate effect on the rest of the world. While most of the news media goes into flaps about personality traits and relatively peripheral issues, my own instincts have been to measure these realities in context of decades of geopolitical history as well as environmental sustainability on a planet that is rapidly barreling towards extinction.  From a big picture perspective I see that there are agendas going on behind the curtain which have little to do with the distractions and distortions of conditioned social awareness.


We have reached a critical point in our human path of destiny. Planetary ecosystems are being poisoned, sovereign nations are being invaded and destroyed, our beautiful minds are being turned into mush through endless wars of propaganda and mass deception.


I have lived in places that have experienced great violence and suffering. I have seen people dying around me. I have listened to stories that turned my stomach in outrage and pain. I have wished to understand the underlying causes of this endless human misery and do my best to make a positive difference in the world.


Those who are willing to look behind the screen of deception and denial have often pointed towards a shadowy hand operating behind the curtain, by whatever name we choose to call this. George Orwell warned us about this many decades ago. Those courageous souls who have stood up against lies and injustice are often dismissed by the mass media as conspiracy theorists, as if ridiculing something makes it somehow untrue. Yes, it is childish to look for monsters under every single nook and cranny, but it is equally dangerous to put our heads in the sand and resign ourselves to become cannon fodder for an overarching agenda that does not have our planetary good at heart.


We are entering a time when the curtains of mass illusion are being pulled aside, sometimes too quickly for those who would prefer to stay under the safe covers of denial. It is certainly not an easy process, especially for those who have been hurt and wounded by this same system. We are moving past the adolescence of human history, past our collective apathy and indifference. We are moving towards a time when we are each called to be agents of change, to create the conditions where our children and our children’s children can hold their heads high when they think back on us, and what we as a generation are choosing to birth into existence.


And this is why I choose to share these reflections, and to post on facebook. It is easy to avoid controversy by playing safe. Facebook is full of cute kittens and beautiful landscapes, and that’s all very wonderful. But I have also seen how the act of questioning our collective illusions can rouse up deep defensive shadows and fears.


There are times I forward articles and make comments that have a political bias. The nature of politics, just as with religion, is that we tend to get identified with one particular bias and then attack ideologies or people that we disagree with. I am not immune to this myself. I would like to think that our journey of truth is about examining all the different sides, looking at the big picture, and then choosing a path that offers the most hope and sanity in a landscape that is not always black and white. We have a news media owned by the same shadowy sources that script unending wars of terror and violence around the planet. There are many layers of disinformation or outright lies to sort through. Where do we seek for truth?


I do the best I can to keep a discerning mind and open heart as I wade through these troubling landscapes. There is a lot out there in the alternative media. I share what I learn because I believe we need to stand together and learn from each other’s wisdom if we are to succeed in the task of breaking through the illusions and the fears that have controlled us for all these years of human history.


There are times I communicate more skillfully than at other times. There are times I may read the winds wrongly or get distracted by something which turns out to be insignificant. For this I sincerely apologize. And I value the range of feedback I receive from those in the facebook community who share my journey of awakening consciousness.


But there are times when I am shocked by the vehemence I encounter from people I otherwise have a lot in common with. I understand that this is part of our journey of awakening too, the venting and releasing of the same pent up energies that are being mirrored in the election dramas going on around us. It is how we first glimpse our own hidden betrayals and pain, and allow these to emerge into the light.


But I would encourage each one of us to be mindful of these tendencies, and not carelessly project them onto each other. Do your own research. Follow the links. Examine the big picture. Be willing to go down a rabbit hole deeper than you might imagine, especially when it comes to political games. Dare to question. Share what you discover. But don’t shoot the messenger. Let us keep in mind that what each of us truly wishes, despite our human tendency to ‘take sides’ in this great drama, is to return to a place of empowerment and balance, in service to the planet as a living organism, and to all her people that no longer wish to suffer through lives of meaningless desperation, injustice, paralysis and fear.