by Kiara Windrider


Year Zero
Time of the Great Shift


This book clarifies the ‘big picture’ of planetary evolution from the perspectives of ancient wisdom and modern science. It reveals an intricate interplay between cosmic and planetary phenomena in order to shape a new species of humanity on a rapidly evolving earth. Rather than waiting passively for something to happen to us, now is the time to actively dream a new world awake!



“Kiara Windrider has built an architecture – both scientific and spiritual – that explains what is going on in our world, solar system and galaxy, and its implications for humanity. Year Zero is an authoritative, integrated picture of the future!”

            ~John L Peterson, editor FUTUREdition


“I implode with gratitude for the gift of Year Zero. Every word resonates on a cellular level, awakening ancient memories and realigning my consciousness with an unshakable knowing that the best has yet to come. This is more than a book: it is a manual for building the new world.”

            ~Mikki Wills, founder of ELEVATE


“From a lifetime’s courageous spiritual quest, Kiara Windrider offers us a wonderfully wise and enormously inspiring guide to the extraordinary times we are living through. With great lucidity and profound compassion he compellingly weaves together the big multidimensional picture of the unique opportunity we now have to undergo an unprecedented shift of our collective consciousness that offers ourselves and Mother Earth the hope and potential of a truly golden era for 2012 and beyond.”

            ~Jude Currivan, The 13th Step, and HOPE


“Kiara is a man of integrity who has really done his homework. At the same time, he is both very intuitive and mystical, and has used these gifts to explore, understand, and clearly explain to his readers the exceptional opportunities and possibilities that we as individuals and as a world have in front of us. It is said that ‘knowledge is power’ and Year Zero is powerful!”

            ~George Humphrey, Author and Radio/TV Host


Year Zero is head and shoulders above most of the other books on the coming changes because, instead of implying that prophecies delineate predetermined events, he writes with a spirit and consciousness that empower individuals to make their own choices for a positive future.”

            ~Peter Mt Shasta, Adventures of a Western Mystic


Beautifully written! Kiara Windrider’s personal experiences, generously shared, are both moving and uplifting. Our old world is now collapsing before our very eyes, and this work is a rock in a tempestuous sea!”

            ~Simon Peter Fuller, Founder of Wholistic World Vision

Awakening the Divine Human

kiara windrider ilahinoor book

A sequel to Year Zero, this book is a handbook for co-creating the new earth by means of a powerful healing practice known as Ilahinoor. More than a set of techniques, Ilahinoor is a morphogenetic field of unlimited possibilities sourced within the waves of cosmic light moving toward us from the galactic centre, leading to what has been known as the supramental descent of spirit into matter, or what some refer to as ascension. A healing manual that anyone can easily follow, this book highlights the history, development, and practical applications of this amazing healing work, as well as stories and experiences from people all over the world.


“A well woven journey drawn from prevailing scientific theory, ancient mythology, and personal experience, Kiara Windrider effortlessly combines multi-cultural threads into a rich tapestry of hope and practical application. This is a truly comprehensive guide to understanding and awakening our divine expression.

~Lisa Wimberger, New Beliefs, New Brain

“In this remarkable, objective and soothing exploration of the exciting times we live in, Kiara Windrider allows us to directly experience the evolutionary shift in consciousness that is our personal and planetary destiny, mediated by a galactic light now flowing through us. Kiara refers to this galactic field as Ilahinoor, and with the customary clarity and simplicity that marks him and his writings, shows how we can each consciously connect with this field, ascending in consciousness even as the Light descends into our body and transforms it.”

~Nilima Bhat, Director of Sampurna Institute

“How amazing to find ourselves in this momentous time in history. Despair often seems our only choice of response, but Kiara Windrider provides us with some of the most inspiring and hopeful navigational tools we will find anywhere. His work is well researched, poetic, and beautifully written. You will not find a more exciting guide to our planetary future – and most exciting is that under his gentle guidance, we can all be participants in this galactic wave of rebirth.”

            ~Carol and John Wiebe, Educators and Peace/Environmental Activists

Gaia Luminous
Emergence of the new earth

Book by Kiara Windrider Gaia Luminous

We are in the midst of a global crisis that is simultaneously peaking on many fronts. We face climate changes, economic crisis, political chaos and environmental catastrophes of unimaginable proportions. It seems clear to me that if something does not radically change on our planet soon, we are doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs.

Where do we look for hope in all this? Is it possible we can still redeem ourselves as a species? Can we truly learn to live in peace with each other and with our planet? Can we rise to the challenge of these times sufficiently that we can fulfill the destiny we were created for?


“This is the most comprehensive book on planetary shift I have ever read. The physical realities, cosmic perspectives, and dynamics involved, are all addressed. Rapid climate changes, galactic and solar cycles, volcanism, ice ages, and magnetic reversals are touched upon in a rich and concise way. Gaia Luminous goes to the very heights and depths of what this great change is all about.”

~ Barry Martin Snyder, Birthing the Luminous Self

“This remarkable book showcases Kiara’s extraordinary ability to integrate, summarize and structure a vast range of topics from deeply spiritual teachings to the latest discoveries in science.  Kiara brilliantly and eloquently connects the dots, and presents clear and practical solutions for these complex and precarious times.”

~ Yves Nager, Find your Life Purpose


“For those who are consciously aware of the challenging implications of these times, and seek both cosmic perspectives and spiritual guidance, Gaia Luminous is an invaluable resource of scholarly and balanced investigation, combined with profound personal experience. 

~ Simon Peter Fuller, Rising out of Chaos


“Kiara Windrider serves up a full course of scientific inquiry, evolutionary thinking and sacred insights from a wide variety of traditions. This thrilling read feeds our sense of the possible and activates our commitment to a bold new vision for humanity.”

            ~ James O'Dea, The Conscious Activist

Homo Luminous
Manual for the devine Human

Book Homo Luminous by Kiara-Windrider

This book, Homo Luminous, is a companion to Gaia Luminous. While Gaia Luminous provides a road map to understanding and creating the New Earth, Homo Luminous is an eminently practical guide for building the energy structures within our bodies to manifest our latent multi-dimensional destiny as divine humans.


There are several sources of insight woven together here. We begin with the shamanic traditions, which are about learning to see differently, and specifically the Q’ero Inka tradition, which offers uniquely simple and powerful practices for opening doorways between the worlds.


There are practices from the Ilahinoor tradition birthed in Turkey, designed to open doorways between various structures of the mind, and to anchor galactic frequencies of light into the cells of our physical bodies.


The Advaita traditions of India offer a glimpse into who we are, not simply as a philosophy to nourish the mind but also as a way of empowering ourselves as creators of destiny. We are both divine and human, creator and creation, and the distinction between them melts away as we understand these truths.


Integral Yoga, the supramental vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, allows us to envision and manifest an entirely new species of humanity no longer bounded by separation and duality, but genetically programmed to live in states of cosmic awareness and unity.


And finally, there are insights from neuroscience, evolutionary biology, astrophysics, plasma cosmology and systems theory, which provide clues for what collective human evolution might look like.




“I truly enjoyed this book. It is always the same Truth, but the perspective of Truth the author offers is so very different for me. Like Kiara, I love Sri Aurobindo’s reference to the ‘sun eyed children of the marvelous dawn’. This absolutely invokes the Homo Luminous of the title. Thought provoking in its scale, with its subject deeply and thoroughly researched, this book offers many ‘ah ha’ moments. I thoroughly recommend that you buy this book, read it, and grow in consciousness.”

~Michael J Roads, From Illusion to Enlightenment, and Entering the Secret World of Nature

Son of the Sun

Book Issa by Kiara Windrider

This story began with a Kashmiri princess, Miraan, looking out in the early morning dawn towards a chariot of light being raised towards the heavens, face aglow with a flaming radiance, heart bursting with gratitude and love for all the years she was allowed to share with this most magnificent of men.

And as this story began so it ends. For I am Miraan who shares this story with you, as I have heard it from his own lips, and as I have witnessed in the years I spent with him. 

I did not think such a love was possible; a love that grew stronger the more it was shared with all the world. He was a great healer and king, a simple monk and prophet, an extraordinary lover and friend. He was a man like any other, except that he dared himself go where few men had been before.

Lovers were never meant to close themselves off from the rest of creation in isolated fantasy. Lovers find each other in every face they encounter, wherever they may be in this world. And so as I come to the end of this story, I see myself staring back at you, each of you who reads these words and makes this story your own, for my soul knows you.

This story will not end until you find yourself mirrored in these words and these acts, touching the human as well as the divine spirit that dwells within. Issa was not afraid to declare himself a Sun of God, one with the Father of Light. Find your own true heart, likewise... set yourself free.