Ilahinoor and Money

by Kiara Windrider August 25, 2007

It has been a little over a year now since Ilahinoor first began to make itself known as a system for healing and awakening. During this time many thousands of people have had the opportunity to experience this and to pass it along.

I am often asked if there are any rules people should follow in accessing this energy for themselves or in sharing it with others. As a Piscean with an Aquarius moon I don’t generally like to be pinned down by rules. I tend to think more in terms of experimental guidelines as we listen inwardly to our own constantly evolving guidance.

HOWEVER, there is one thing I do feel very strongly about, and that is the financial aspects of this work. It recently came to my attention that some people were charging a thousand euros for an Ilahinoor initiation. PLEASE, THIS IS NOT THE SPIRIT OF ILAHINOOR. I see Ilahinoor as a gift of grace for the masses. The energy is to be used in the service of personal and planetary awakening. It is not to be exploited and manipulated for financial gain.

I have seen so many spiritual organizations become greedy and self-serving when entrusted with a precious gift for humanity. This is not what I wish to see happening with Ilahinoor. I have been instrumental in ‘re-birthing’ the current form of this sacred energy, and as such I feel I have the right to set some very firm guidelines about this aspect of the work. I would not like to see this sacred energy become tainted by those who wish to hijack a gift of God and use it for their own ends.

If you feel that the circle of energy must be completed by asking for a modest donation or fee, then by all means do so. Although some may feel called to share this work only on a donation basis, this is not always realistic for everyone. Many lightworkers would rather cover their material expenses from spiritually fulfilling work than from a 9 to 5 job. However, let’s find a right balance with it.

Most people have been sharing this work out of love for humanity and seeing the wonderful gift Ilahinoor truly is. As with most gifts, it is about giving and sharing the grace of the Divine with others. The majority of people sharing Ilahinoor have been asking for a modest donation, a cost similar to attending an evening workshop or receiving a deeksha transmission, while remaining flexible towards those with limited financial means.

All this is reasonable and perfectly acceptable to me. But it is not acceptable to me that this precious work become the victim of yet another slick campaign of financial empire building in the name of planetary awakening. I feel very strongly to make this very clear, so as to uphold the sacredness of Ilahinoor.

For those on the receiving end of this work, please note that the quality and power of the Ilahinoor initiations have nothing to do with how much money is being charged for it. There is a pervasive belief in the spiritual marketplace that something must have more value if it costs more money. There is another pervasive belief that says that anything spiritual must always be given for free.

While walking a fine balance between these contradictory belief systems, let us remember that the power of the initiations comes directly from Cosmic Source, and is anchored within a very ancient morphogenetic field, descending in response to a massive wave of awakening that has already begun. It is the birthright of every human being to participate in this great awakening.

The power of this work grows with the giving of it. It grows as our hearts open to serving the web of all life. Let us honour this sacred energy as a gift of divine grace, a gift that is to be made available to all who ask for it, a gift that is to be passed on… and on… and on… If we are truly committed to planetary awakening let us demonstrate this by maintaining financial integrity as we share this work.

I acknowledge that I have a bit of a charge around this. I do not have children, but I suspect that those of you who do might feel the same way if their safety and well-being were ever threatened.