Ilahinoor for the whole body

By Marion Kalmbach, Nov. 24th, 2007

During the time of practise and experience with Ilahinoor a further form has emerged to use this powerful energy on the whole body. Kiara is teaching this now in most of his longer seminars, and many people have asked for a detailed description of it. So in the following I will describe the practical use of this treatment how I use it in my sessions.

Please do not see this as a fixed rule but rather a guideline to help remembering the procedure. Mostly important with Ilahinoor is still to follow your own intuition and the momentary needs of the treated person, only in this way the work can evolve further and further. In my own experience I have found, if we are deeply connected with the divine energy flow while doing this work, our hands will flow all by themselves to the right points that are meant to be touched.

So it is perfectly okay, that different patterns of treatment can occur in different sessions. Therefore I want to emphasize that this description must not be seen as a general rule, but only as a help to practise in case we are not totally sure what to do. As you connect more and more to the Divine and your intuition, be open for changes that might want to occur.

Here it is important to mention, that these kinds of changes will not come from your mind but from a deeper level of being, it happens without any thinking. If you find yourself thinking about some change you “should be” doing, please let go of it, this would not be the intuition at work.

So here comes the description:

The person to be treated is lying down on a mat on the floor or on a massage table touching the ground with their back. We start the treatment with gently touching the head, sliding our hands to the back of the head, lifting it VERY gently to slide one hand under it to cover the points on the back of the head (these are described in the article: “Practicing Ilahinoor” by Kiara Windrider), the other hand is placed on the forehead over the third eye chakra.

After holding this position for a moment, we let go very gently of the head by sliding our hands back as they came, and proceed to do the diagonal treatment of the joints: We start with placing one hand on the jaw joint (below the cheek bone) and the other hand on the shoulder joint diagonally across. Again holding for a moment, then the hand from the jaw moves in a diagonal line to the other hand on the shoulder and proceeds from there to the hip.

You can also change the hands if this is more comfortable from the position you are at. Next the hand from the shoulder lets go and moves again diagonally over the hip to the knee. The other hand stays on the hip. The last position is the ankle, where the hand from the hip will go, again diagonally across from point to point, while the other hand stays on the knee. Now we have one hand on the knee and one on the ankle diagonally across from the knee. Each position is held for some moments. Then we let go of the touch and slide the hands gently away from the body, preferably downwards along the leg and out below the feet.

Now we return to the head and start the same procedure with the jaw joint on the other side of the body. It is important to always follow diagonal lines with the hands as this is the energy flow in the body we connect to here. Reaching knee and ankle again we finally touch both ankles to close, or we start again on the shoulder to do a second wave of diagonal lines through the arms: this goes from the shoulder diagonally to the elbow and from there diagonally to the wrist, which is also done on both sides. To close both wrists can be touched simultaneously at the end.

According to the experiences with this treatment so far, it has very relaxing and healing effect on the body, can ease pains and strains and can also be very stabilizing for a weak body. It supports the body in integrating the cosmic energies that are coming to the planet right now and eases the various pains that can occur in the process of transforming old patterns, which are held in the body.

Kiara teaches that there are 3 kinds of energy flows in the ayurvedic system of medicine. The horizontal flows connect one side of the body with the other, and the vertical flows take the energies up and down the body. The diagonal flows stimulate the ida and the pingala, which are yin and yang kundalini channels that run alongside the central channel of the spine.

Of the three energy flows, the diagonal flows are the most powerful. Working with the joints is especially important in these times, since incoming cosmic energies such as Ilahinoor or deeksha are forcing the body to adapt to new frequencies of light, and the joints of the body is where the energies often get stuck. Freeing up the energy in the joints can open up a stronger flow of Ilahinoor throughout the body. In case of further questions you can contact me through: