Workshops and Journeys 2019

June 15-16 – Ilahinoor/Inka workshop
Belluno, Italy

Contact: Barbara,


June 20 - 23 – Deep Awakenings Retreat

Lago Maggiore, Italy

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June 28 – July 1

Deep Awakenings

Hallevik, Sweden

Contact: Deva Maria,, +46 733 144918 


Friday, July 5 to Sunday, July 7

Ilahinoor/Inka training

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Contact: Jamy,, +31 627845954


Friday, July 12 to Sunday, July 14

Ilahinoor/Inka training

Albert Schweitzer Haus, Bonn, Germany

Contact: Katja,


Egyptian Travels – 16 days with Pyramids, Nile Temples, and Dolphins

November 7-23
Contact: Kiara,


November 23 – 30

Dolphins in Sataya Bay, Egypt

Contact: Kiara,


November 30 - December 7
Dolphins in Sataya Bay, Egypt

Contact: Kiara,

Inka healing workshop, inkanoor with kiara windrider

An Inkanoor Weekend

Intro Talk: Friday evening
We are entering into a time that mystics and prophets of many ages have referred to as a shift of the ages. This shift refers to a gateway between worlds, the emergence of a supra-mental species of humanity, of infinite creator dimensions awakening fully within the fields of matter. We will discuss these themes briefly, and then experience an initiation into a mystery school tradition known as ‘ilahinoor’, a hands-on technique which quickly allows us to merge with our lightbody, thereby creating a direct access to multi-dimensional frequencies for healing, awakening, and manifesting our unique destiny on earth.

Weekend Workshop
Ilahinoor refers to a universal field of ‘divine light’, and is a simple yet profound technique for unifying with the higher self. During this weekend training, we will learn to access and transmit these energies through an understanding of brain physiology and soul psychology. We will also experience teachings and practices from the Q’ero Inka tradition, which provide direct and easy access to shamanic worlds.  As we open doorways between the worlds we learn to communicate directly with the elemental worlds of nature and to experience our identity with the One Self that moves through all things within and beyond Creation.

Workshop Activating the Cosmic Axis with Kiara Windrider

Activating the Cosmic Axis
an Afternoon with Kiara Windrider


We are multi-dimensional beings trapped in a matrix of conditioned reality. How do we find our way out? In these times of rapid acceleration of consciousness, we can learn to open doorways into supramental levels of experience by working with the ‘cosmic axis’. This new work not only links the upper worlds with the lower worlds, but also unifies front and back by learning to access the ‘body elemental’. This set of simple movements and practices opens our access to the divinity latent within, and to the invisible worlds of nature all around us, so we can more fully experience the richness of the human heart and senses. Kiara Windrider is a transpersonal therapist, and author of ‘Gaia Luminous’ and ‘Homo Luminous’.

Kiara Windrider open your heart retreat

Open Your Heart Retreat

As we go through the corridor of a planetary rebirth, we are experiencing challenges as well as opportunities like never before. We have incarnated here to initiate a new cycle of life, and to transform this earth into a beautiful paradise. But for this we must discover who we are, and activate the power and beauty of our souls.

This 5 day retreat will focus on teachings and practices for opening our hearts and waking up to our soul’s destiny on earth. Some of the tools we will use include:

Beyond specific tools, however, we will strive to open our hearts to a field of light in which we can walk this earth as awakened beings. What are the mechanisms that keep us imprisoned in a grey world of limitations and fears? How do we heal the pain of original separation and reconnect our heart with the web of all life? How do we move from victimhood to mastery? How do we move from isolation to spiritual community?

It is time to create a new earth now. What kind of world do we want to create? An entire universe dwells within the space within our hearts, say the ancient Indian seers. May we look for each other there!

Kiara Windrider radiant health and Cellular Transformation

Radiant Health and Cellular Transformation

Over the past years we have been working to bring divine light into the body. Transformative teachings such as Ilahinoor and Inka practices are helpful. How do we continue this work further? There are many ancient teachings for unifying the physical body with the light bodies, moving towards total health and wellness, and eventually, as the Tibetans refered to it, ‘taking the rainbow body’.

How can we continue to support each other on this journey? As the effects of the incoming galactic superwave get stronger, and we receive more cosmic rays into our atmosphere we are experiencing intense changes not only in the body of the earth but in our own bodies as well, preparing all species on this planet to mutate towards our highest genetic and spiritual potential. Our intention for this workshop will be to bring these transformational energies as deeply into our physical, etheric and light bodies as possible.

Although not essential, you may wish to prepare for this workshop by undergoing some colon cleansing, liver flushes, or intensive juicing to detox the body and start clearing out subconscious patterns.

Kiara Windrider is a psychotherapist, science researcher and shamanic healer. He has been practicing transformational systems such as Ilahinoor, Inka shamanic practices, Integral Yoga and  Advaita  in a quest for personal as well as planetary transformation.  His books include ‘Gaia Luminous’ and ‘Homo Luminous’.

Deep awakening workshop Kiara Windrider


We are moving out from an age of darkness into an age of light. Our souls have been preparing for this journey for many lifetimes, but the transition is not easy, and involves great intensity and turbulence not only in our personal lives but in the world around us.

How can we better understand this journey, and can we learn to directly access our multidimensional SELF so we can experience a state of guidance, peace, and joy in our daily lives?

In this weekend workshop we will learn simple yet powerful practices from the Inka, Ilahinoor and Advaita traditions designed to open doorways between the worlds and live in effortless union with the flow of life.  We will also learn how to communicate with the ‘elemental’ aspect of our being so we can reconnect with the worlds of nature.

We will learn to open our hearts to a field of light in which we can walk this earth as awakened beings. What are the mechanisms that keep us imprisoned in a grey world of limitation and fear? How do we heal the pain of separation and reconnect our heart with the web of all life? How do we move from victimhood into mastery, illusion into truth, darkness into light?

Inka healing workshop, inkanoor with kiara windrider

Individual Sessions

During these one-hour sessions we will use the power of earth and sky to release subconscious layers of conditioning and trauma, and to anchor the infinite power of soul deeply into cellular consciousness. This enables our personal identity to merge with universal identity so that we can live in states of joyful open hearted divine presence at all times. We can either work with specific issues or simply open to the next level of soul initiation.

Kiara’s background includes his training as a transpersonal therapist, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, breath therapist, and various forms of healing and bodywork, including a simple and powerful healing technique he helped originate known as “Ilahinoor”.


Inka healing workshop, inkanoor with kiara windrider

Travel Programs

Kiara offers travel programs to sacred sites and magical places around the world, including:


Inka healing workshop, inkanoor with kiara windrider

Inkanoor Teacher’s Training

This ten-day certification program is for those who have already done the basic trainings with Kiara and would like to teach some of the work, including:

Participants will be encouraged to deepen their awareness of the subtle energy fields and their access to the shamanic worlds. They will learn to work with the cosmic axis in order to shift their identity from personal Ego to universal Self. They will learn how to walk between worlds, integrate the front side and back side of the cosmic axis, and to expand their awareness into universal Self at will.

Participants will practice sharing the teachings with each other, lead meditations, and learn how to identify and work with the process of spiritual awakening. They will learn to assist in the release of trapped emotions without getting caught up in emotional drama.

Most importantly, participants will learn to create enough spaciousness within their own being that they can likewise facilitate a safe space for others as they go through their own awakening process.

Please read Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth, and Homo Luminous: A Manual for Conscious Evolution before joining the course.